The Neighbourhood complex in Al Barari Area


Description of Al Barari district

Al Barari is located on the territory of Dubiland and is adjacent to the areas of Arabian Ranches, Global Village and Silicon Oasis. This beautiful community occupies an area of nearly 1.7 million square meters, with 60% of the territory dedicated to green areas.

In total, there are six subcommunities in the Al Barari district: The Nest, Seventh Heaven, Ashjar, The Reserve, The Neighborhood, and The Residences. Each of them is perfect for a luxurious life. All have green gardens, freshwater streams, natural lakes, and untouched wild landscapes.

In Al Barari, there is everything necessary for a comfortable life, both for those who have decided to purchase real estate here for themselves and tourists. The infrastructure includes schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, shops, medical institutions, restaurants, cafés, and entertainment facilities.

Famous buildings in the area

The construction of the Al Barari district began in 2007 and was completed in 2019. The community project was implemented in two stages. For 12 years, approximately 300 exclusive standalone villas, 34 botanical gardens, and residential complexes such as Seventh Heaven, The Nest, and Ashjar have been built here. The residential complex includes 300 apartments and 99 villas. The houses are ultramodern designs that reflect Arab culture. The real estate harmoniously combines functionality and aesthetic brilliance.

The most famous residential complexes in the Al Barari district are the following:

  • The Nest is a complex of 55 exquisite luxury villas up to 3 floors high. In each house, there are 4 bedrooms, huge windows, luxurious finishes, and furniture. Additionally, there is a land plot starting from 985 square meters.
  • Seventh Heaven is a popular location for buying apartments in two buildings with a height of 10 and 12 floors. There are 157 real estate objects, a garden, a health club, and an award-winning SPA center;
  • Ashjar is a low—rise residential complex of premium class, which includes 9 buildings with a height of 4-5 floors with large cascading terraces. Here, you can find apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms with sizes starting from 178 square meters. These apartments offer beautiful views from the windows, spacious walk-in closets, open-plan kitchens, and modern interior designs.
  • Jasmine Leaf is a popular project with luxury villas. The residences have spacious bedrooms, a built-in elevator, a roof with a large terrace with a barbecue area, and staff rooms.


The most famous hotel in the district is the Zaya Al Barari Hotel. The hotel is a 10-20 minute drive from the main attractions and famous sites of Dubai. Apartments in Zaya Al Barari are comfortable for both families and individual travelers. The windows offer a picturesque view of the river and gardens. The hotel offers a variety of SPA services. There is a large outdoor area for children. In the restaurants, you can taste traditional dishes from various cuisines around the world, as well as delicacies.

You can also rent an apartment in Stella Stays Al Barari. There is an outdoor swimming pool, parking, and other facilities for guests. The apartments are equipped with a safe, air conditioning, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, hairdryer, etc. It is possible to move in with pets.

Hotels in the Al Barari district Prices for accommodation (per night for 2 people)
Zaya Al Barari Hotel 154 $ – 307 $
Stella Stays Al Barari 140 $ – 300 $

In the Al Barari district, you can rent not only hotel apartments but also an apartment for daily or monthly rent. Prices depend on the complex and amenities that are offered to tenants.

The average cost of the monthly rent of a 1-bedroom apartment in Al Barari:

  • luxury — $4,000;
  • middle class — $975;
  • economy — $550.

The average cost of renting a 1-bedroom apartment daily in Al Barari ranges from $100 to $300, depending on the class of the property and other factors.

Restaurants and cafés

In the Al Barari district or nearby, you can find both casual eateries and luxurious restaurants. One of the most famous is The Farm restaurant. The establishment is located in a quiet green oasis and has a pleasant interior. Indeed, in Al Barari, you can not only enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner but also attend events such as culinary masterclasses, afternoon tea gatherings, and more. Additionally, there are options for takeout and home delivery services, allowing you to savor the food in the comfort of your own home. The Farm Restaurant’s menu offers a wide selection of European and Thai dishes.

Those who are interested in restaurants and cafés with diverse Arabic and international cuisine can visit:

  • Lowe is a trendy restaurant with an innovative menu based on a mixture of gastronomic trends and bright flavor combinations. Dishes are prepared in an open kitchen in front of visitors;
  • Purple Fork is a cozy Italian restaurant with pizza, pasta, and other traditional dishes;
  • J5 Restaurant is a restaurant with Indian, Chinese and American cuisine. Here you can order biryani, fried rice and noodles, burgers, grilled sandwiches, soups and other dishes;
  • Hide Out sounds like a restaurant with international cuisine that offers a good balance between price and quality.

You can have breakfast in the Al Barari district at the New Earth Cafe. The restaurant serves European cuisine, there are many items on the menu for vegans. Visitors note the friendly staff, delicious food and affordable prices. Breakfast is also served at The Farm. In the restaurant, you can have a hearty breakfast thanks to the large portions. The dishes are prepared from organic products grown on a local farm.

You can have a delicious dinner at the Coco & Orchid Restaurant. The restaurant serves Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. It’s great to hear that Hide Out offers a variety of dishes such as Tom Yum, chicken noodle soup, sushi rolls, sambal, and more. The restaurant is open until 10 pm.

Places of cultural recreation

It’s wonderful to know that Al Barari regularly organizes entertainment events for both adults and children, including spring and summer festivals, art exhibitions, and outdoor movie nights under the starry sky. 

The district has a unique hub of art and music with an outdoor amphitheater, a dance and music school, and galleries. The hub is decorated in a distinctive Islamic architectural style. There are also restaurants with world-class cuisine, delicatessen outlets, and cigar bars.

There are no museums or other famous attractions in the district. But there is picturesque nature in the form of gardens and reservoirs, where you can arrange both active recreation and a picnic with your family. The Al Barari Prayer Room is located in the central part of the community.

Other activities in the district

The Al Barari district is famous for its green areas. Al Barari showcases 16 meticulously planned botanical gardens, each designed in different styles such as Mediterranean, Balinese, Islamic, and contemporary.  The gardens are harmoniously combined with Islamic architecture. During the development of the area, numerous green plantings were provided to encourage residents to spend more time outdoors.

Global Village, City of Arabia and Dubai Garden of Wonders are located near the Al Barari community. More than 250 million exotic flowers and 50 million plant species grow on the territory of the district. The area also features a race circuit where various events have taken place, including the Renault V6 Eurocup season, the FIA GT Championship, the Dubai 24-Hour race, and the European Touring Car Championship. The race circuit includes a karting track as part of its facilities. Nearby is the Dubai Polo Equestrian Club, where you can play polo or go horse riding.

A 10-minute drive from Al Barari is a large amusement park IMG World of Adventure. This is an indoor theme park with an area of about 140 thousand square meters. The entertainment facility is divided into four zones: Cartoon Network, Lost Valley, MARVEL and IMG Boulevard Park. Here you can visit a themed performance, take a walk and relax in the parking area, or eat at a snack bar.

There is a public playground for children on the territory of the Seventh Heaven sub-community, which is part of Al Barari. On its territory, there are wooden rope bridges, floating platforms, sandboxes and other attractions.

The Al Barari district is designed using innovative environmental solutions. Thanks to this, there are not only beautiful gardens but also local lakes and reservoirs with their own irrigation system. Fish swim in the lakes, and amazing rare birds fly in the sky. You can also take a stroll in the Green Works plant nursery, where over 500 cultivated plant species from around the world are showcased.

The nearest beaches are located about 30 minutes by car from the Al Barari.

Al Barari district as a place to live

Al Barari is considered one of the best green communities in Dubai. The district can provide high environmental friendliness of life. The developers consciously designed and constructed residential homes in the form of leafy clusters, aiming to minimize the impact on the natural ecosystem during the construction process.

The villas and apartments in the low-rise residential complexes of Al Barari are well-suited for families with children, newlyweds, and couples who seek a peaceful lifestyle while being in close proximity to the central part of the emirate.  The houses are located in the city, but away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The residential complexes in the area are equipped with children’s playgrounds, parking facilities, swimming pools, barbecue areas, fitness centers, saunas, and other infrastructure amenities.

Advantages of living in the Al Barari district in Dubai:

  • calm environment. Residents value the community for its peaceful atmosphere, free from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is achieved through low population density and an abundance of greenery.
  • favorable ecology. The district was planned with an emphasis on environmental conservation, a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle;
  • upscale amenities. On the territory of the community, there are modern sports facilities, SPA and wellness centers, swimming pools, restaurants and cafés, as well as shopping malls. Everything necessary for life is nearby;
  • comfortable and spacious accommodation. The properties in Al Barari are known for their spaciousness and thoughtful layout. Luxury villas and elegant apartments with terraces have been built here. The emphasis on a large area ensures that residents have plenty of space for relaxation and entertainment. 


There are several kindergartens in the Al Barari community: Kids Spot Nursery Barari, Daffodil Barari Nursery, and Vernus Early Learning Centre. Falconcity Nursery is also a 15-minute drive away. Most preschool institutions can enroll a child between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 years.

In the UAE, preschool education is optional, that is, parents can leave their child at home at will. The advantage of attending a preschool lies in the fact that it provides children with quality preparation for school. They learn essential skills such as counting, reading, and writing, while also developing their logical thinking, creativity, and socialization abilities. Communication in kindergarten most often takes place in English, but in Dubai, you can find institutions with Russian-speaking educators.


Respectable educational institutions operate near Al Barari. One of the most famous schools on the border of the community is Dunecrest American School. The educational institution is aimed at children from preschool age to grade 12. Teachers conduct the educational process according to the American curriculum. There is also a variant of the international Baccalaureate curriculum for grades 11-12.

Not far from Al Barari, there is also a private school GEMS Heritage Indian School, which teaches children from preschool age to grade 10. In this educational institution, every child has the opportunity to receive a full-fledged education in a stimulating and safe environment.


There are no higher education institutions in the Al Barari district itself. The nearest universities are located 10-15 minutes away from the community.

Health care

There is a pharmacy BinSina Pharmacy Al Barari on the territory of the district. There are several medical institutions located near the community:

  • Medical and Physiotherapy Center Dr Kamkar;
  • Dubai London Clinic in The Villa Residential Complex;
  • Medicure Center;
  • Symbiosis Medical Center;
  • Aster clinic.

There are also medical institutions such as American Hospital Dubai, Mediclinic, and MedCare within a 20-25 minute drive.

Al Barari has the status of pet-friendly, that is, it is possible to live here with pets. Although there are no veterinary clinics in the district. You can get vaccinated, carry out a preventive examination or get treatment for an animal in neighboring communities.


To travel to other areas of the emirate from Al Barari, you can utilize public transportation or use your own vehicle.  There is also an option to rent a car, which is popular in the UAE. Specialized services can provide rental cars of different classes: from economy to premium.

Al Barari district is not connected to any metro line. The nearest stations are Rashidiya and Al Safa. The metro can be reached by taxi, bus, or private car in about 20 minutes.

You can get to Al Barari by public transport. Bus stop — Global Village.

Dubai International Airport can be reached by car via Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Highway in 25 minutes. Al Maktoum International Airport is located a little further away – a 30—minute drive away.

Places for socialization

There are quite a lot of places for socialization in Al Barari, depending on the interests of those who have moved to Dubai. You can expand your circle of acquaintances by doing outdoor sports. To do this, there are many green areas in the area. For the same purpose, you can visit public swimming pools and sports grounds.

Bars, clubs, and cafés are also suitable as places to expand the circle of communication. To meet new people, it’s advisable to keep an eye on the events calendar in Al Barari. The community frequently hosts festivals, culinary masterclasses, yoga marathons, and other engaging activities. 

Parents can socialize while spending time with their children at the playgrounds or entertainment establishments available within the Al Barari community. 

Employment opportunities

If an immigrant is looking for a job in the service sector, it will most likely be easy for him to find vacancies in the Al Barari district. Here you can get a job in a café, shop, hotel, shopping center, beauty salon, SPA center. Indeed, in order to maintain a comfortable living environment within the residential complexes, there is a need for various workers such as janitors, plumbers, electricians, security guards, gardeners, and others.

If you are interested in working in the business sphere or production, you should look for vacancies in other areas of Dubai.

Shopping Malls

There are quite a lot of retail outlets and retail stores in the territory of the Al Barari community. In mini-markets, you can buy products for every taste. In the area, there are shops with children’s goods and Fronds flower shops.

The Cedre Shopping Mall is located in Al Barari, where you can buy not only groceries but also household goods. There are other shopping malls nearby: City Centre Me’asem in Dubai Production City and My City Center Al Barsha.

A 15-minute drive by car is a large shopping mall, Cityland Mall. It is a modern shopping mall with an area of 18 million square feet.

What to consider when choosing an area as a place to live?

the lunaria complex in Al Barari Area Dubai

When choosing an area to live in Dubai, it is important to focus on your lifestyle. In the emirate, there are communities to suit every taste: for a calm and peaceful life, for active professionals, for entertainment and leisure, and more. The luxurious neighborhood of Al Barari would appeal to those seeking a tranquil atmosphere while still desiring to live close to the bustling city center.

If ecology plays an important role for an immigrant, Al Barari will be an excellent choice. There is clean air, lots of greenery and ponds, birds are singing, it is not as noisy as in the center of Dubai. The community will be a good solution for those who have children or who are planning to have a baby shortly.

There are different types of real estate in Al Barari, so you can find housing at a wide range of prices. The residential complexes offer a range of options, including small apartments with two bedrooms as well as luxurious residences with multiple bedrooms, a maid’s room, and an open terrace.  For those who want to settle in the house, there is a wide selection of premium villas with their own plots.

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