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Top 10 residential complexes to buy and live in Dubai

Mina Rashid

Price: from $384 000

Q3 2025

Payment plan - 10% / 70% / 20%

Sobha One

Ras Al Khor

Price: from $310 000

Q4 2026

Payment plan - 10% / 50% / 40%

Canal Heights

Business Bay

Price: from $335 000

Q3 2027

Payment plan - 20% / 60% / 20%



Price: from $520 000

Q2 2026

Payment plan - 20% / 50% / 30%

Mar Casa

Dubai Maritime City

Price: from $350 000

Q4 2026

Payment plan - 12% / 56% / 8% / 24%


Dubai Creek Harbour

Price: from $354 000

Q3 2026

Payment plan - 10% / 80% / 10%


Business Bay

Price: from $262 000

Hended over

Payment plan - 15% / 10% / 75%

The Edge

MBR City (District One) 

Price: from $305 000

Q4 2026

Payment plan - 20% / 20% / 60%

The Sanctuary

MBR City (District One) 

Price: from $4 628 000

Q4 2025

Payment plan - 20% / 40% / 40%

Design Quarter

Dubai Design District

Price: from $509 000

Q2 2027

Payment plan - 20% / 40% / 40%

Creek Palace Residences

Creek Island Dubai Creek Harbour

Price: from $335 000

Q2 2027

Payment plan - 10% / 70% / 20%

Top 10 residential complexes for investment in Dubai
Bluewaters Bay

Bluewaters Island 

Price: from $ 726,000

July 2027

Payment plan - 20% / 60% / 20%

Palm Beach Tower

Palm Jumeirah

Price: from $648 000

Q1 2026

Payment plan - 15% / 45% / 40%

Madinat Jumeriah Living

Downtown Dubai 

Price: from $394 200

Q4 2025

Payment plan - 20% / 30% / 50%

Central Park

City Walk

Price: from $396 000

Q1 2026г.

Payment plan -  20% / 30% / 50%

Orla by Omniyat

Palm Jumeirah

Price: from $7,269,300

Q4 2026

Payment plan - 5% /45% /50%

SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences

Downtown Dubai 

Price: from $ 205,000


Payment plan - 100%

Ocean House

Palm Jumeirah

Price: from $2 300 000

Q4 2025

Payment plan - 20% / 40% / 40%

Damac Bay by Cavalli

Dubai Creek Harbour

Price: from $790 000

Q3 2027

Payment plan - 20% / 60% / 20%

Damac lagoons

Damac Lagoons

Price: from $405 000

Q3 2024 г.

Payment plan -  20% / 60% / 20%


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Top 10 areas to live in Dubai


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  • We manage property related services as well, such as open a bank account, arrange investor visa and open company in UAE
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Invest in Dubai: Unlock Your Real Estate Dreams

Property is a very valuable asset, and the statistics on price growth in the future are very encouraging. Additionally, investors have already seen large price increases, which emphasizes the logic of purchasing real estate. This is especially true given that the data supporting the property’s potential price increases is highly encouraging.

However, the location of any property that an investor is thinking about buying is an important consideration that should be made. To be more specific, the area has a lot of potential to attract current tenants for buy-to-let investments, and the neighborhood has exciting chances for your investment over the long run. This is very significant! After all, if the area is desirable for residents, either as buyers or renters, this will be reflected in both the property’s rental yield and overall value.

What advantages come with shopping in Dubai?

For those interested in real estate investing, the emirate of Dubai offers a plethora of exciting opportunities and promising prospects. The high rental yields that can be found in Dubai, which normally vary from 5% to 9%, are one of the primary reasons why so many individuals want to invest in the city. Because the cost of real estate is so much lower per square foot in Dubai in comparison to that of many other major cities across the world, investing in high-quality real estate in Dubai can be done at a price that is much more manageable financially. Investing in the real estate market of the emirate offers a multitude of excellent benefits, including this one in particular.

Based on the present housing market, many prospective buyers should be able to afford Dubai’s average home price in 2022

  • The acceptable rate for lodging at Business Bay is 2,764,945 AED.
  • The fair price of the marina at Dubai Creek Harbour is 3,467,888 AED.
  • A decent place to stay in Downtown Dubai is 5,217 AED.
  • Priced at AED 2,300,000, Dubai Marina presents a wonderful opportunity for investment and the possibility to be a part of this thriving neighborhood.
  • A residence in Jumeirah Village Circle costs a fair 1,329,000 AED.

Potential investors may find it thrilling to learn that in 2021, the average price of a property in Dubai increased significantly by 17%. A stunning total of 84,772 distinct real estate transactions with a staggering value of AED 300 billion were recorded throughout the course of the same year. The reading is actually pretty encouraging. The city’s economic picture has really been substantially improved by recent events like Dubai Expo 2020, which took place at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. All of these elements support a rising house price trend that is both good and realistic in terms of yields on rental properties.

Numerous advantages come with buying a home in Dubai!

If you are an investor, priorities, family membership, budget limitations, your financial goals will help you find the best property option in Dubai. In this city, property investors are lucky because they can choose from a variety of economical and distinctive residential neighborhoods.

In the emirate of Dubai (UAE), there is a vast choice of residential real estate that is up for sale, providing options to fit all tastes and price ranges. There is something for everyone to locate their dream house, from reasonably priced one-bedroom apartments to opulent villas and regal palaces. Due to the various new developments that are now in the works, Dubai’s real estate market is highly promising, and the pricing is incredibly alluring. And for precisely this reason, it is the ideal time to take the chance and invest in Dubai real estate!

Happy to report that Dubai has a lot of potential for rental revenue!

One of the most exciting possibilities for prospective investors when thinking about a buy-to-let investment is the possibility of a good rental income from the home. Although we usually advise investors to have a long-term view, your rental return may be able to cover your initial investment and perhaps turn a profit in the short term. This is accurate, and it’s excellent that we constantly advise investors to take a long-term perspective! With offices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey (Turkey), Montenegro (Montenegro), Spain (Spain), Italy (Italy), France (France), and Switzerland (Switzerland), Mayak Real Estate is a global real estate management consultant.

If buying a property in the UAE is your lifelong ambition and you want our help making it a reality, we’re here to serve you.

UAE set a new benchmark for the highest rental yield among all cities in 2021, with an excellent average yield of 9.19%. The Short-Term Outlook for the Question “Is it Worth Buying a Property in Dubai?” is Definitely Positive! Dubai is an extremely promising alternative for any potential or existing property investor due to the spectacular price increase of housing.

Dubai has extraordinary construction standards, which is the main factor in the city’s exceptionally high rental returns. It’s fascinating to consider how quickly Dubai has transformed into a contemporary city, especially in light of its remarkable high-rise structures. The great materials used in the living rooms, the opulent amenities included in the structure, and the unrivaled locations make real estate in Dubai an exceptional investment. It is not unexpected that investors from the corporate world are choosing this city, nor is it surprising that individuals are migrating here in search of employment.

What types of paperwork are necessary to have when buying a house in Dubai?

A tremendous opportunity exists for citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to purchase real estate in any location in Dubai. Additionally, international investors may purchase housing in select Dubai neighborhoods that have been designated by the ruler of the UAE for foreign ownership.

You have the option to purchase real estate in Dubai as a foreign investor without a visa. Purchasing real estate in Dubai is an excellent opportunity that frequently makes it possible to apply for a resident visa.

How can you make sure that buying real estate in Dubai goes well and without any hiccups?

Investors from other nations could run into a few obstacles while buying real estate in Dubai, but they can be overcome with the appropriate strategy and direction.

Exciting chances for learning and personal development.

Purchasing real estate in an area with room for development and improvement.

Looking into intriguing possibilities for buying distinctive housing or finding hidden jewels in the market.

Documentation that can be enhanced or has room for improvement

When looking to purchase real estate in Dubai, it is beneficial to have the opportunity to investigate real estate agencies in Dubai prior to working with them and to verify that the agencies has the appropriate licenses. Before you embark on the exciting journey of purchasing a home or any other piece of real estate, it is essential to confirm that the real estate agency in Dubai, realtor, or property developer with whom you will be dealing is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). Only then should you begin the process of purchasing a home or any other piece of real estate.

Additionally, foreign investors may relax knowing that their real estate agent will carefully manage all the paperwork needed for the hassle-free purchase of a property. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) are included in this paperwork, which will accelerate our progress and guarantee efficient operations.

Foreign investors have the exciting chance to thoroughly explore the local area they intend to invest in, as well as investigate comparable real estate for sale prices and rental rates in the area. By avoiding overpaying for housing, this is done to make sure you make a sensible financial choice.

For those looking to purchase real estate, Mayak Real Estate offers a variety of services, including legal advice, an analysis of all indicators, an international audit, management, process adjustments that boost profitability, international service standard implementation, and ongoing asset management support.

To sum up, Buying real estate in Dubai might be a fantastic chance!

When deciding whether to pursue any investment options, it is essential to take into account your particular situation, your overall investing goals, and the invaluable advice of any financial or wealth advisers you work with.

Having said that, investors have a lot to be excited about when it comes to what Dubai’s real estate market has to offer. The city is well-known as a center for innovation, and its economy is booming. You’ll be happy to learn that pricing for comparable properties in central areas with similar levels of building quality is significantly less expensive than in places like London. The degree of construction quality is ideal for the high-end market.

Why our team anyway?

Mayak Real Estate has over 15 years of experience in Dubai and international property. It is a reliable team of professionals ready to help to achieve your property goals.

Our Mayak Real Estate team takes a combined approach and is focused on assisting business owners in successfully acquiring assets and to double their profits.

If you need assistance in buying property in the UAE, call or leave a request, our experts will be happy to advise.

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