Top Neighborhoods for living and investing in Dubai in 2024

If you have ever thought about moving to another city and you are a business person, you probably have the best areas to live in Dubai as the main place to locate both your company and yourself. In this article, we would like to look at the most promising property for people who have decided to invest and immigrate to the UAE region.

Prime Neighborhoods for Investment and Living

Let’s start right away with the question of promising neighborhoods where you can currently purchase real estate to live there and conduct your professional residential activities.

Downtown Dubai

Where to live and invest? In the center of this huge metropolis! This is where all the main cheap public transport routes originate, and if you have your own transport, you can get to literally any place from here and easily return home. Here you can see all the wonders of this vibrant UAE city. The famous fountain or Burj Khalifa will be open for your residential view almost 24/7. It is also most profitable to conduct business deals here, as this is generally where they take place.

Dubai Marina

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the UAE city? This is a great area to do it. Here you will find first-class villas that feature a high-tech lifestyle place. This region has a strong community of new investors, so you won’t get lost among the locals. It’s something like the opposite of central place, as here you will only meet quiet sea breezes and, if you wish, an active life will be available to you within arm’s reach.


This UAE area is very similar to the previous one, because at first residential glance they even look the same. What distinguishes them is the fact that there are many social buildings to invest here such as schools and hospitals neighborhoods. This means that the new area is more suitable for family people with children who want to settle down somewhere quiet and peaceful. Some UAE researchers say that this place is of historical significance, which only emphasizes its uniqueness.

Below you can see the best areas to live in Dubai comparison table.

Area Average Rent (Studio) Average Rent (1 Bedroom) Average Rent (2 Bedroom) Average Rent (3 Bedroom) Avg. Price Per Sq. Ft.
Downtown Dubai AED 72k AED 108k AED 164k AED 252k AED 2,646
Dubai Marina AED 80k AED 134k AED 246k AED 410k AED 1,737
Jumeirah Village Circle Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available AED 1,036

Emerging Property

The city is known for the fact that you can invest here in developing property. Are they suitable for living? It all depends on your comfort boundaries. This is just the perfect opportunity to invest for the long term, but some people may not like living here at the moment. We are talking about UAE neighborhoods like Dubai Hills Estate, Emaar Beachfront, and Dubai Creek Harbour.

It should be taken into account that even though the neighborhoods are high-tech and meet all the requirements of a modern resident, constant place construction can still depress a person. To acquire real estate here for long-term investment and move here in a few years? This is the best option you can imagine.

At the moment, UAE real estate here is quite affordable, given the fact that there is constant construction of residential premises and most businesses have not yet opened here. Competitiveness is relatively low to invest, especially when compared to established UAE regions like downtown or all of the above that we have already considered.

Risks and Mitigation

There are still some risks that need to be taken into account to invest when purchasing or renting real estate place in Dubai:

  1. There is a chance of encountering an unscrupulous cheap seller or landlord. The government of the United Arab Emirates has solved this problem by issuing special licenses for each person involved in real estate transactions.
  2. There is a chance that the property may turn out to be unpopular. In the case when you purchase real estate in established residential property, this problem does not exist from the very beginning. You should think about and carefully analyze developing neighborhoods.
  3. There is a chance that you may simply be unable to adopt the culture. Although Dubai is known for having a huge number of UAE foreigners living there, the influence of traditional Arab culture on life still needs to be taken into account. Consider the laws that correlate with Islamic law. Before moving here, you need to learn as much about the place as possible in order not to get into an unpleasant situation.

Thus, you can solve a huge number of problems at once.


Moving to Dubai is not scary. The business landscape here is set up perfectly even for opening new investors’ companies. Where to live? You still need to do minimal research on available real estate and locations. Consult professionals so that no unpleasant surprises spoil your long-term place prospects for developing your capital and your own UAE life.


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