Duplexes for Sale

Duplex is a popular type of real estate in Dubai. More affordable than apartments, yet spacious and comfortable to live in, the duplex is suitable for both couples and families with children. There is a wide selection of such properties in the UAE to fit different budgets.

Duplex in Dubai mainly refers to a two-level apartment in a multi-apartment building, although it can also be a standalone house designed for two families.  Duplexes in high-rise buildings are most often located on the upper floors. They differ from penthouses by a smaller area. You can buy a duplex in different areas of Dubai, both in elite communities and in relatively inexpensive neighborhoods.


Duplexes for Sale

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    Popular districts for buying duplexes in Dubai

    You can choose a duplex in different parts of the emirate, including those near the sea. If you want to buy a property with a picturesque view of the sea, you can consider the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Beach Residence districts. Compact or, on the contrary, spacious and luxurious duplexes are also sold in exclusive communities such as Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai International Financial Centre.

    Which areas are popular among buyers of duplexes in Dubai:

    If it is difficult for you to understand which area is best to buy a duplex for your family or the purpose of investing, the specialists of Mayak Real Estate will help you make the right choice. Experienced agents know everything about the districts of Dubai, so they will choose the best options to meet your needs.


    How to buy a duplex in the UAE?

    Are you looking for a duplex that will suit you in terms of price and be fully satisfied with its interior, size and other features?  Browse the options on this page. Here are residential complexes in which ready-made duplexes and objects under construction are sold. Real estate of this type is available in different areas of the city.

    Duplexes are available in a wide price range: you can choose an offer for your budget and with a suitable payment plan.

    If you have already decided on a residential complex, contact Mayak Real Estate agency for a detailed consultation on buying a duplex in Dubai. Our specialists will also help you even if you do not know which property to choose. Perhaps you will find your ideal housing option among the highly liquid objects of Dubai, which are not publicly available but are in our database.

    Mayak Real Estate has many years of experience in the UAE real estate market. Agency employees accompany the client at all stages of a purchase and sale transaction. To make the process of buying a duplex in Dubai go perfectly, contact the professionals.



    Is buying a duplex a good investment?

    Residential real estate in Dubai is in high demand. Duplexes are bought both for personal use and for investment purposes, for further resale or short-term or long-term rental.

    Housing prices in Dubai increased by 11% in 2022. In 2021, prices for residential properties in the emirate increased by 21%. Therefore, buying a duplex can be a good investment, the main thing is to choose the right property, which an experienced agent can help with.

    How to buy a property in Dubai from the USA or the UK?

    Citizens of the USA or the UK can also buy real estate in Dubai. Foreigners are allowed to purchase property in the emirate in certain areas designated as freehold.  The purchase process follows a standard procedure. First, a suitable property is selected, then the necessary documents are collected, an advance payment is made and a purchase and sale transaction is executed. The easiest way to implement the idea of buying is with the help of an experienced agent who knows all the subtleties of the procedure.