Buying a property in Dubai

Luxury skyscrapers and villas, premium infrastructure, no housing tax, and clean sandy beaches are not all the reasons why it is worth considering Dubai properties for purchase. You can buy real estate in Dubai for personal use and the purpose of investment.

If you want to move to the UAE or invest money profitably, it can be difficult to understand the legal aspects yourself. Mayak Real Estate agents provide a turnkey real estate purchase service. An experienced realtor accompanies the buyer at all stages — from the selection of the object to the preparation of documents and the conclusion of the transaction.

Is it possible to buy a property in Dubai

Since 2022, according to the laws of the government of Dubai, anyone can purchase real estate in Dubai. It can be either an individual or a legal entity. The location of the buyer also does not matter: he can live in the UAE or abroad. You do not need a residence permit to purchase an apartment or a villa.

The only condition is that you can buy an object in freehold zones. Such areas in Dubai include Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Business Bay, etc.

What kind of real estate can I buy in Dubai

Both inexpensive and luxury real estate in Dubai is represented in a wide selection. Here you can buy housing in a tower under construction from a developer or buy a ready-made object on the secondary market. It all depends on the purpose of the purchase, budget, urgency, etc.

Residential real estate in Dubai is represented by such objects as studios, apartments, luxury apartments, penthouses, and villas. There are also commercial facilities for sale for various establishments.

When choosing an object, you should first determine the parameters. Mayak Real Estate agents will help you find offers that match your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. We will show the pros and cons of each district of the emirate, tell you about the nearby infrastructure and landscaping, and help you select the best place to live or a profitable object for investment.

Why it is profitable to buy real estate in Dubai

Dubai is very popular among those who want to change their place of residence or invest money profitably. Is it worth buying a house in this emirate, given the high real estate prices in Dubai?

There are at least five reasons why having a property in Dubai is really profitable:

  • A luxurious lifestyle. Ultramodern infrastructure, high-class service, comfortable business environment attract hundreds of thousands of foreigners. More than 3 million people live in the city, with 80% of them being expatriates.
  • Progress. About 30 years ago, there was a desert with rare houses on the territory of Dubai. Now here is a modern metropolis, which has prestigious real estate, luxurious infrastructure, and world-famous attractions. Millions of tourists visit the city every year, and the development of the emirate does not stop.
  • Profitable investments. Despite the cost of real estate in Dubai, it is profitable to buy it for further profit. This is a reliable way to save and increase personal savings. In 2022, average house prices in the city increased by almost 12%, while the increase in real estate prices in elite areas was about 90%. Objects can be bought for resale or rental. The high demand for housing among tourists guarantees rental income at the level of 5-8%.
  • Resident visa. Another benefit of purchasing real estate in Dubai is the opportunity to obtain a resident visa. When buying an object worth $200 000, you can apply for a resident visa for 3 years. If the housing costs more than 550 thousand dollars, the buyer can get a residence permit for 10 years.
  • Climate. If you have dreamed of living in a place where it is always sunny and warm, you should choose a property in Dubai. The weather corresponds to a subtropical climate, so it is ideal for a holiday resort. It rarely rains in the emirate, most often it is dry and sunny here.

It is worth mentioning that the owners of apartments, villas or other objects do not need to pay an annual property tax in Dubai.

What do you need to buy a home or a commercial object

Buying residential or commercial real estate in Dubai is a simple procedure if you enlist the support of an experienced specialist who knows all the pitfalls and legal aspects. You can even make a deal remotely.

The main document for the purchase of the real estate by an individual is a passport. If the buyer is a legal entity, then you will need a package of documents. It includes a certificate of registration, constituent documents, a decision of the board of directors on investments, and a passport of the company’s authorized representative.

Is it possible to buy a property in Dubai

  1. Select the appropriate object.
  2. Sign the contract of sale.
  3. Transfer the advance payment to the seller in the agreed amount.
  4. Conclude a contract for the maintenance of the real estate.
  5. Go through the registration procedure, and get the right of ownership.

The Mayak Real Estate team manages all stages of the transaction. Our specialists help to find suitable housing, draw up a contract of sale, and advise the buyer on all issues. For 10 years of work in the luxury real estate market, realtors have concluded hundreds of successful transactions, which is confirmed by the reviews of grateful customers.

Mayak Real Estate offers clients access to exclusive prestigious properties in the UAE that are not publicly available: the best real estate in Dubai can be yours. Leave a request on this page — and our agents will select suitable offers taking into account the stated budget.


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