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Como Residences is a residential complex that combines the impressive luxury of architectural and design solutions with exquisite style, which is evident in every detail of the construction and decoration. The renowned developer Nakheel has chosen one of the most popular locations in Dubai, the artificial islands of Palm Jumeirah, for the complex. A three-hundred-meter skyscraper, shaped like a seashell, will rise above all other structures on the island, and its rooftop will transform into an observation deck with breathtaking views. There is a total of 76 residences available for sale, which are represented by apartments ranging from two to six bedrooms, seven-bedroom duplexes, and one five-bedroom duplex penthouse.

Depending on the type of residence, the area varies from 415 sq.m to 2039 sq.m. It is possible to independently choose one of the designer’s suggested sets of shades for the interior in light tones, which will emphasize the spaciousness of the apartments. All the properties feature open living areas, high ceilings, panoramic windows, a kitchen equipped with branded appliances, and a maid’s room. Certain residences are complemented by a private swimming pool and a driver’s room. The 75-story building stands out as owners will be able to enjoy luxurious views of the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and the world’s largest Ferris wheel. In addition, the complex will have a high-rise, boardless swimming pool, which offers an incredible view. The unity of the sea and the sky is accentuated by vertical lakes, which are original design concepts created by the designers. There are no more than two residences on each floor, and the elevators will be equipped with access systems. Additionally, for the convenience of the owners, there are provided 3 to 4 parking spaces, and for the penthouse, there are 10 parking spaces.

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Sports Hall

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24/7 security

Covered parking

Cafes and restaurants

Palm Jumeirah  
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    The Allure of Como Residences Nakheel: A Luxury Oasis

    A luxurious sanctuary within Dubai’s bustling cityscape, Como Residences Nakheel emerges as a symbol of lavishness. This architectural gem harmonizes comfort and elegance seamlessly. Upon entering a Como Residences apartment, the intricately designed interiors, exquisite detailing, and panoramic views of the Palm Jumeirah envelop your senses in an instant.

    Como Residences: The Epitome of Luxury Living

    Dubai’s real estate scene, a hub of extravagant homes, presents an array of options for global investors. Below, discover a collection of presently available residential properties for sale situated in sought-after areas and within reach of significant landmarks:

    • Riah Towers, Culture Village: Revel in mesmerizing views of the Burj while residing close to Creek.
    • Harmony, Tilal Al Ghaf: An exclusive single-row Como Residences villa complying with Vastu principles in the esteemed Tilal Al Ghaf locale.
    • Sector H, Emirates Hills: Discover a modern mansion, unoccupied and upgraded, nestled in the prestigious Emirates Hills.
    • Atlantis The Royal Residences, Palm Jumeirah: Immerse yourself in ultra-luxury with complete vistas of the Palm and the serene sea.
    • Maple 1, Maple at Hills Estate: A splendid 4-bedroom townhouse backing onto a Como Residences park, a must-see at the Maple in Dubai Hills Estate.
    • Maeen 4, Maeen, The Lakes: Embrace tranquility in a 3-bedroom property with a maid’s room, nestled in the serene setting of The Lakes.
    • Park Point Building C, Park Point, Hills Estate: An investor’s dream – a fully furnished apartment with a view of the pool.
    • Aura, Tilal Al Ghaf: An abode near the Como Residences pool featuring a maid’s room and exclusive to Tilal Al Ghaf.
    • Casa, Arabian Ranches 2: Generous space with the most expensive layout, nestled in the heart of Arabian Ranches.
    • The Residences 2, The Residences, Downtown: An apartment with old town vistas perched on a mid-floor in bustling Downtown.

    Witness a mere preview of the magnificence offered by the Como Residences Nakheel in Dubai. Each dwelling is strategically placed to deliver the epitome of Dubai living, ensuring a lifestyle of opulence and ease.

    Crafting Masterpieces

    Nakheel is renowned for its groundbreaking projects for sale, significantly shaping Dubai’s real estate landscape. Among its assets is the Como Residences, offering a myriad of prospects for entrepreneurs and investors amidst the city’s surging demand for top-tier living spaces.

    Considering leasing out properties within Nakheel’s realm, like the Como Residences, presents an enticing business proposition. These homes, perched on Palm Jumeirah, command steady interest from potential tenants seeking a fusion of opulence and convenience. Their proximity to city hotspots, breathtaking sea vistas, and top-notch amenities make them an alluring choice for a diverse range of residents, from young professionals to families.

    Furthermore, its acclaimed standards for quality and innovation stand as a boon. Their properties are deemed as valuable assets, escalating tenant interest and enabling competitive rental pricing. For aspiring real estate entrepreneurs, this translates to a reliable income flow and substantial returns.

    But it’s not solely about leasing. The projects, like the Como Residences, are designed to foster a lively community. Entrepreneurs can seize this apartments opportunity, catering to resident needs. With prospects spanning food joints, wellness hubs, retail spaces, and professional services, the canvas for innovative offerings is vast.

    For foreign investors eyeing Dubai as a place to live and operate, it’s a promising landscape. The city’s tax framework is globally appealing, boasting no income tax and low corporate levies. This creates a favorable environment, preserving more earnings for both individuals and businesses. Moreover, double tax treaties in place with numerous countries prevent income from facing dual taxation.

    Como Residences: A Wise Investment in Dubai

    Investing in Nakheel’s Como Residences in Dubai spells wise choices, and here’s the why behind it. These dwellings are more than just property; they epitomize lifestyles, personify opulence, and stand as an architectural marvel. They present an exceptional chance to claim a piece of the planet’s most lavish spots woven into one colossal structure.

    First off, these residences boast an unmatched location. Nestled within Palm Jumeirah, among Dubai’s most coveted spots, they secure not just a property but a space within an iconic global landscape. With the sea, sun, and chic living, it’s a beachside paradise amid the vibrant city.

    Moreover, the architecture at Como Residences is unrivaled. Inspired by sea waves and sand’s curves, the building ascends like an organic shell. Apartments are expansively luxurious and adorned with intricate details.

    Additionally, Como Residences offers top-tier amenities. From a sandy beach pool to a rooftop oasis with a panoramic view, residents revel in wellness. With business hubs, sports courts, and more, it’s a lifestyle in equilibrium.

    Dubai, a cosmopolitan hub, embraces cultures and thrives in business and tourism. Its tax perks, no income tax, and low corporate levies lure in global investors seeking optimal returns. Beyond that, its strategic location links it to major global Como Residences markets, beckoning entrepreneurs to broaden their ventures.