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Under construction


Q4 2025



from 1 800 sq. ft.


from $2 300 000

Mayak Real Estate

The nine-story Ocean House complex from the elite developer Ellington Properties is waiting for the future owners of apartments in the Palm Jumeirah district. Northacre and SOL Properties worked on the creation of the project. For Northacre, a company that previously created exclusive residential complexes for prestigious areas of England, this residential complex is the first real estate project in the Arabian Gulf.
Ocean House is an ultra-premium level complex, inspired by the fluidity of the ocean, combining its calmness and swiftness Soft shadows, smooth lines, complex textures all this is present in the appearance of Ocean House.

The exquisite interiors of each residence are created by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) design bureau. This company offers services not only of its own designers, but also builders and architects from different parts of the world. Each apartment will have a natural wood and travertine finish. The property will be sold unfurnished so that each owner can equip it to his own taste. But the bathrooms and kitchens will not only have finishing, but also all the necessary equipment and appliances. Natural marble will add sophistication to the bathrooms, and the kitchen appliances here are only of the “luxury” class. The Ocean House Apartments offer panoramic views of Burj Al Arab and the Arabian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah. Owners of duplexes, penthouses and presidential suites will also have their own swimming pools. The balconies of the apartments differ in that they have their own garden. There are layouts with separate rooms for domestic staff. Closed and demonstration kitchens will be an addition.

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Sports Hall

Children playground

Barbecue area

24/7 security

Covered parking

Cafes and restaurants

Palm Jumeirah  
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    Ocean House Ellington: A Luxurious Living Experience in Dubai

    Numerous business players relocate here primarily due to its status as a well-developed nation boasting a favorable economic environment. Consider, for instance, the relocation contrast between the United States and the United Arab Emirates; securing a visa and residency permit appears notably less intricate in the latter. A mere investment in a specific real estate sum can net you a ten-year visa, doubling as a residency ticket within the nation’s borders.

    Furthermore, the diverse spectrum of Ocean House Ellington real estate acquisition options warrants attention. By real estate, we refer to contemporary living conditions that find few parallels. This advanced nation integrates modern technologies seamlessly, extending their reach to individual residences. The allure lies not only in the accessible relocation channels but also in the extensive real estate choices, portraying cutting-edge living standards seldom rivaled elsewhere.

    Why Ocean House in Dubai?

    Investing in Dubai, particularly in properties like Ocean House Ellington, presents many advantages. The city flaunts an economy in equilibrium, yields high rental returns in contrast to other major global metropolises, and facilitates seamless business operations. Additionally, Dubai’s residential real estate realm remains exempt from sale taxes.

    The exact answer to the question can be seen from users who are already using real estate within the Ellington offerings. We’ve already mentioned that the state provides favorable conditions for buying and living. We also mentioned in the introduction that you are provided with high-tech developments to carry out your routine. We have yet to say another significant benefit of living in Dubai. It’s the multifunctionality of such residential complexes and the spacious format for conducting business. Suppose we talk about something other than renting but providing services to the public. Living in Ocean House means you won’t need to pay taxes. Following the laws of the United Arab Emirates, you only pay taxes on significant incomes. You don’t have to worry about this within your complex, where you open a shop or another type of service. If you want to live by buying property here, you can do so freely. You are provided with elite residence, and around you will only be the sea. Some dream about it, and we understand why.

    Ocean House: A Gem in Palm Jumeirah

    An artificial island known as the Palm Jumeirah has carved a niche as one of Dubai’s top-notch residential locales. Ocean House takes root in this domain, endowing residents with proximity to an array of attractions encompassing the Corniche Area, Al-Ittihad Park, Mermaid Diving Center, and Dive Atlantis.

    Opting for a personal abode extends the freedom to select any locale, each holding its allure. Currently, government channels and state-accredited private enterprises abound with an assortment of offerings in this realm, open for your convenience.

    Properties for Sale at Ocean House

    At Ocean House, an array of abodes beckons, tailored to diverse needs and fancies. Ocean House caters to all inclinations, from duplex abodes boasting secluded gardens and pools to opulent apartments featuring assorted dimensions and configurations.

    • 3-bedroom apartment, 338 sq.m.
    • 4-bedroom apartment, 497 sq.m.
    • 5-bedroom penthouse, 1304 sq.m.

    These are mere instances of abodes, readily available for immediate perusal, promising splendid living abodes and propitious living conditions within the Dubai terrain. It merits noting that an acquisition within a specified real estate price bracket assures a ten-year residency visa, facilitating both habitation and employment in the country—a facet elucidated further through state resources.

    Consider your venture into Ocean House as a strategic move, an investment echoing beyond mere property acquisition.

    Investing in Ocean House

    Engaging with Ocean House Ellington transcends mere property procurement; it’s an immersion into a lifestyle coveted by a select few. Be it a dwelling to inhabit or an investment endeavor, the prospect presented by Ocean House in Dubai beckons with promise.

    Should the acquisition of an Ocean House residence intrigue you, Ellington Properties extends uncomplicated and readily accessible financial avenues. Their adept team is prepared to shepherd you through the venture, ensuring a fluid property acquisition odyssey without undue complications.


    Beyond a mere dwelling, Ocean House emerges as a lifestyle enclave, nestled strategically in Ellington Palm Jumeirah. The melding of opulent amenities and Dubai’s global city stature positions an investment in Ocean House as a discerning choice. Whether contemplating residence or eyeing an investment prospect, Ocean House beckons with a distinctive fusion of luxury, ease, and investment yield.