Duplexes for Sale


Duplexes for Sale

Duplex is a popular type of real estate in Dubai. More affordable than apartments, yet spacious and comfortable to live in, the duplex is suitable for both couples and families with children. There is a wide selection of such properties in the UAE to fit different budgets.

Duplex in Dubai mainly refers to a two-level apartment in a multi-apartment building, although it can also be a standalone house designed for two families.  Duplexes in high-rise buildings are most often located on the upper floors. They differ from penthouses by a smaller area. You can buy a duplex in different areas of Dubai, both in elite communities and in relatively inexpensive neighborhoods.

Duplexes for Sale

Kempinski Marina Residences

Dubai Marina

Price: from 599 000 $

1Q 2028

Payment plan - 10 % / 85 % / 5 %

ELA Residences

Palm Jumeirah

Price: from 11 720 000 $

1Q 2028

Payment plan - 5 % / 55 % / 40 %


Business Bay

Price: from 321 700 $

1Q 2028

Payment plan - 20 % / 50 % / 30 %


Dubai Marina

Price: from 436 100 $

2Q 2027

Payment plan - 10 % / 30 % / 60 %

The Rings

Dubai Canal

Price: from 16 081 100 $

4Q 2025

Payment plan - 5 % / 55 % / 40 %

Тhe Orchard Place

Jumeirah Village Circle

Price: from 190 700 $

3Q 2026

Payment plan - 10 % / 50 % / 40 %

Mercedes-Benz Places

Downtown Dubai

Price: from 2 398 600 $

4Q 2026

Payment plan - 70 % / 30 %

Hillside Residences

Jebel Ali

Price: from 231 700 $

3Q 2027

Payment plan - 5% / 35 % / 60 %


Mina Rashid

Price: from 436 100 $

4Q 2027

Payment plan - 10 % / 80 % / 10 %

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    Buying Duplex Apartments in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

    Dubai presents various chances for entrepreneurs seeking investment prospects. Among these is the chance to own a duplex apartment within this dynamic urban landscape. This comprehensive guide delves deep into the world of duplex up for sale, aiming to empower business owners with the necessary insights to make well-informed choices. Concentrating on these flats’ distinct attributes and advantages, this guide aims to streamline the journey.

    Why Buy a Duplex Apartment in Dubai?

    Luxury and refinement define the city, elevating its appeal for property investment. The allure of owning a duplex here transcends surface appeal, promising many worthwhile advantages to contemplate.

    High Rental Yields

    The allure of purchasing a duplex in it lies significantly in its potential for substantial rental returns. In a city witnessing an upsurge in population growth and thriving tourism, the demand for rental properties remains consistently high. The unique design of duplexes, offering two tiers of living space, typically fetches higher rents than single-level flats. This configuration boosts the overall return on investment, making it an attractive prospect for investors.

    Luxury Living

    Dubai’s reputation for wealthy real estate remains steadfast, and duplex adhere to this norm. These residences frequently boast top-tier details, spacious interiors, and captivating vistas. Acquiring a duplex transcends mere property investment – it embodies an investment in a lavish lifestyle.

    Potential for Capital Appreciation

    The real estate scene has maintained steady progress over time for sale. Purchasing a duplex in this city promises substantial long-term capital appreciation. The distinctiveness and allure of these duplex units have the potential to elevate their market worth, presenting an opportunity for a profitable investment.

    Privacy and Space

    Duplex offers roominess and seclusion akin to a villa, all within the ease of apartment living. Their split levels provide distinct areas for private and communal use, making them an excellent fit for families or individuals who regularly host guests.

    Prime Locations

    Duplex typically reside in sought-after spots, near amenities and attractions, elevating residents’ lifestyles and positively influencing the property’s rental and resale value.

    Owning a duplex offers business owners an opulent lifestyle, the possibility of substantial rental earnings, and the prospect of capital growth, all within these properties’ convenient and prime settings.

    Popular Neighborhoods to Acquire a Duplex in Dubai

    Amid Dubai’s ongoing expansion, its property sector has lured more overseas investors. Certain districts emerge distinctively, combining luxury, ease, and promising investment prospects.

    Below are vital areas worth exploring for duplex purchases:

    Each of these districts permits foreign nationals to acquire duplexes under freehold ownership. Engaging a real estate agent or legal counsel is recommended to navigate through the specific rules and regulations pertinent to your circumstances.

    Tips for Acquiring a Duplex in Dubai

    Entering Dubai’s real estate domain demands a thorough grasp of its complexities, particularly for international investors navigating unfamiliar terrain. Clarifying investment motives becomes pivotal: is the purchase for personal use or aimed at investment returns?

    This clarifies location preferences, property type, and budget allocation. Understanding the dichotomy between freehold and leasehold properties holds crucial importance – freehold confers absolute ownership of property and land. In contrast, a leasehold offers rights for a specified term, usually up to 99 years. Seeking guidance from esteemed professionals is highly encouraged.

    Credible agents or developers play a pivotal role in property spotting, negotiations, and transactional maneuvers. Legal counsel from a local lawyer is a vital resource in the face of potential complexities. Reporting any issues to the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is imperative for sale.

    Grasping all the charges preceding the purchase is pivotal, covering not just the property price but administrative, registration, and potential maintenance fees. Lastly, considering the trajectory of the real estate market holds significance, offering glimpses into possible future property values, though predicting outright remains challenging.

    Difficult to choose? Download the Dubai Projects Guide or request a free expert consultation.