Houses for Sale


Houses for Sale

Our real estate agents will find privat houses & luxury homes for sale in Dubai in your price range that best meet your criteria. Contact a real estate agent for advice

Houses for Sale

The S Tower

Sheikh Zayed Road

Price: from $4,080,000

Q4 2024

Payment plan - on request

Sobha Reserve

Wadi Al Safa

Price: from $2,105,100

Q2 2026

Payment plan - 5% / 75% / 20%

Creek Edge

Creek Island Dubai Creek Harbour

Price: from $354 000

Q2 2024

Payment plan - 10% / 60% / 30%

Keturah Reserve

Meydan One

Price: from $2,393,000

Q4 2024

Payment plan - 15% / 45% / 40%

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    Discover Your Dream Home in UAE – Private Houses and Townhouses

    Dubai, filled with opulence and groundbreaking advancements, presents a wide range of real estate options, including private houses and delightful townhouses. Whether you’re looking to buy an ideal family home or a lucrative real estate opportunity, our extensive portfolio showcases a variety of properties available for sale in Dubai. Dive deep into the charm of these properties and explore the benefits of owning real estate in this dynamic city.

    Investing in Dubai’s Real Estate Market: A Lucrative Choice

    Dubai’s real estate market consistently ranks among the world’s top investment destinations, offering numerous benefits for those looking to buy or invest in property:

    Diverse Range of Homes in Dubai for Sale

    Dubai caters to a broad spectrum of preferences, offering a variety of housing options for those looking to buy:

    Private Houses

    If you desire spacious, standalone residences, private houses provide the ultimate freedom, privacy, and the possibility to create your sanctuary in the city. These houses are available for sale in various neighbourhoods, from elegant family homes to opulent estates.

    Private houses in Dubai vary in cost based on size, location, and amenities. Prices generally range from USD 1 million to over USD 10 million for lavish estates.


    Townhouses offer a unique blend of comfort and convenience, making them ideal for families seeking a cosy yet sophisticated lifestyle. These reidences are often located within well-planned communities, providing easy access to infastructure and green spaces. Townhouses in Dubai are available for purchase, providing price-friendly choices for perceptive purchasers.

    The cost of Townhouses in Dubai typically ranges from USD 500,000 to USD 2 million, catering to various budget preferences.

    Luxury Homes

    Dubai is celebrated for its opulent real estate options, open to astute purchasers. These residences embody luxury with their top-notch finishes, premium materials, and exceptional architectural designs.

    Luxury homes in Dubai will cost from USD 2 million to well over USD 30 million, offering an unparalleled lifestyle to those who aspire to buy into the pinnacle of opulence.

    Explore our portfolio to find the perfect house for sale in Dubai that complements your lifestyle and investment aspirations. Whether you envision a private haven, a charming townhouse, or an opulent estate, Dubai’s real estate market has a residence to match your vision.

    Do not miss the chance to buy a piece of Dubai’s luxury real estate. Contact us today to learn more about our available properties and embark on your journey toward a prosperous future in the UAE.

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