Studio Apartments for Sale


Studio Apartments for Sale

A studio in Dubai is a full-fledged but small apartment. The popularity of studios in the emirate is high due to the relatively affordable cost. This type of real estate is bought both for themselves and for investment purposes.

Studio Apartments for Sale


Dubai Maritime City

Price: from $517 900

Q1 2027

Payment plan - 65% / 35% / 10%

Rove Home Downtown

Downtown Dubai

Price: from $ 477 000

Q2 2026

Payment plan - 50% / 50%

Elitz 2

Jumeirah Village Circle

Price: from $190 800

Q4 2026

Payment plan - 10% / 55% / 35%

The Regent Residences

Town Square

Price: from $172 000

Q2 2025

Payment plan - 10% / 40% / 50%

The Quayside

Business Bay

Price: from $485 000

Q1 2026

Payment plan - 20% / 50% / 30%

Canal Heights

Business Bay

Price: from $335 000

Q3 2027

Payment plan - 20% / 60% / 20%


Business Bay

Price:  from $262 000

Hended over

Payment plan - 15% / 10% / 75%

The Paragon

Business Bay

Price: from $ 207,000

Q1 2025

Payment plan - 20% / 40% / 40%

Safa Two by Damac

Business Bay Jumeirah Beach Residences

Price: from $441 000

Q1 2027

Payment plan - 20% / 70% / 10%

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    Why buy studio apartments in Dubai?

    If you are pondering what type of property to choose to invest in Dubai, take a closer look at studios. This housing has significant advantages over other properties.

    The pros of buying a studio apartment are:

    A studio apartment is a great option for a business person or couple, as well as a first investment in Dubai real estate.


    Types of small apartments in Dubai

    Studios for sale in Dubai are available in both affordable and high-end configurations. Both are in high demand among buyers and tenants.

    All studios are united by a feature of the interior layout: such an apartment has no dividers inside and provides only one spacious room. It can be divided into zones with the help of furniture or other structural solutions.

    Small apartments in Dubai may have different size depending on the complex. While in one house studios are housing from 34m², in another house variants from 82m² may be offered for sale. All of this affects the final cost of the property. If you are interested in selling studios at an affordable price, choose complexes with really small apartments.


    What are the best neighborhoods for investing in studios?

    To get a high return on investment in studio apartments in Dubai, it is important to choose the right neighborhood and the property itself. Here are what neighborhoods are considered the best for investing in studio apartments:

    Dubai Marina

    This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Dubai, which offers a large number of luxury apartment complexes. Dubai Marina is chosen for its prestigious lifestyle and premium services. There are many stylish studios in the area. Rental yields of such housing is fixed at 6.4% per year.


    The popular Jumeirah Village Circle community is ideal for quiet and measured living. If you need an inexpensive apartment for investment, you should definitely pay attention to this area. A small home will be easy to rent out in JVC. Studio rental yields in Jumeirah Village Circle are 7.66% per year.



    Jumeirah is another sought-after neighborhood on the Emirate’s coast. Jumeirah is popular for its lively resort lifestyle. Tourists often vacation here, and young couples rent compact housing for the long term. Rental yield for a studio is 3.9% per year.

    Damac Hills

    A beautiful green area with well-developed infrastructure and luxurious apartment complexes. The community is chosen by families with children as well as young couples or business people. Inexpensive studios are plentiful here, so it’s not difficult to find an option to fit your budget. Rental yields are 6.29% per year.


    Dubai Sports City

    If you are interested in selling a studio apartment in Dubai for future profitable rentals, the Dubai Sports City area is worth considering. The unique community has a wide range of elegant residential buildings, in which studios are also represented. Yields are fixed at a high level of about 7% per year.


    At what stage of construction is it more profitable to buy a studio?

    Off-plan real estate provides favorable terms of purchase and allows you to get an income not only from rent, but also through the resale of the object due to the increase in the cost of housing in its finished form. But the question arises, at what stage of construction is it best to buy a studio to make it as profitable as possible?

    Buy a studio in Dubai, you can already at the stage of the project or at the initial stage of construction of a house. You can also formalize the purchase of housing and during the construction of the complex, for example, before its commissioning. The earlier you decide to invest in the object under construction, the more favorable value you get.

    To find attractive offers from developers and to buy a studio at the best price, get the support of an experienced agent. Mayak Real Estate has a database of exclusive highly liquid properties in Dubai, which are not commonly available. A member of the agency will know the request and budget, and will find the right property options.


    Peculiarities of buying and selling a studio on the secondary market

    Sales and purchases in Dubai are regulated by the National Real Estate Transactions Act. Experienced agents are well versed in the local laws and know how to legally execute the transaction, what documents to draw up the buyer and what papers to check with the seller.

    Mayak Real Estate is a full-service agency, which works with buyers and sellers, and the secondary market. Regardless of whether you are interested in selling a studio in Dubai by installments, or buying a small apartment for rent, the agency’s staff will help with any question.

    Mayak Real Estate experts select the best deals given the planned budget, arrange repairs, provide full accounting and legal support for the transaction. If you decide to rent your home, we will quickly find tenants.

    Contact us in a convenient way to make a profitable investment in a studio in Dubai and get a good return on your purchase.

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