Townhouses for Sale


Townhouses for Sale

A townhouse in Dubai is the optimal solution for those who do not want to live in apartments but are not ready to buy a luxury expensive villa. This option is comfortable and assumes the presence of a private courtyard. Technically, this is a compact version of the villa, adjacent to other houses with several floors.

Townhouses are chosen by both locals and ex-pats, and they buy such real estate both for living and for investment. Such objects are more affordable than villas.

Townhouses for Sale

Habtoor Grand Residences

Dubai Marina

Price: from 2 998 200 $

1Q 2027

Payment plan - 10 % / 50 % / 40 %

Shamsa Townhouses

Expo City Dubai

Price: from 1 063 000 $

1Q 2026

Payment plan - 20 % / 50 % / 30 %

Plagette 32

Tilal Al Ghaf

Price: from 2 044 300 $

4Q 2026

Payment plan - 10 % / 50 % / 40 %

South Bay 5

Dubai South

Price: from 872 200 $

3Q 2026

Payment plan - 60 % / 20 % / 20 %

Terra Golf Collection

Jumeirah Golf Estate

Price: from 1 962 500 $

2Q 2027

Payment plan - 10 % / 50 % / 40 %

LIV Waterside

Dubai Marina

Price: from 626 900 $

3Q 2025

Payment plan - 10% / 30% / 60%

Nad Al Sheba Gardens

Nad Al Sheba

Price: from 1 063 000 $

1Q 2027

Payment plan - 5 % / 65 % / 40 %



Price: from 681 500 $

3Q 2027

Payment plan - 5 % / 65 % / 30 %

Parkside Views

Dubai Hills Estate

Price: from 395 300 $

3Q 2027

Payment plan - 10 % / 80 % / 10 %

OTHER properties in Dubai

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    Discover Townhouses for sale in Dubai: A Smart Investment Choice

    Step into the realm of Dubai’s townhouses, where elegance combines with astute financial opportunity. These magical townhomes redefine urban living with a unique blend of sophistication and investment promises. Whether you’re seeking a dream townhome or a savvy investment, Dubai’s townhouses give you a captivating proposition.

    The Intricacies of Dubai’s Townhouses

    Varieties of Townhouses for sale in Dubai

    Luxury Townhouses

    Imagine spacious interiors adorned with premium finishes, exclusive locales that exude prestige, and a lifestyle defined by opulence. Luxury townhomes in Dubai encapsulate this vision. While they command a not very cheap price, they offer a level of elegance and sophistication that’s unparalleled.

    Family-Oriented Townhouses

    For those seeking a nurturing family environment, family-oriented townhouses for sale provide an ideal haven. These homes are designed with families in mind, fostering a sense of community while remaining relatively cheap and affordable. Although they may be smaller compared to luxurious townhouses, they offer a warm and inviting living space.

    Golf Course View Townhouses

    If you’re drawn to the tranquillity of golf course views and the allure of manicured fairways, Dubai’s golf course view townhomes are an excellent choice. These properties offer mesmerizing vistas and a serene ambience, making them an attractive option for golf enthusiasts. While they may be slightly removed from the city centre, the idyllic surroundings more than compensate.

    Dubai’s townhouse market offers a range of properties to suit various budgets. If you’re looking for cheap and more budget-friendly options that still provide quality living, consider these affordable townhomes: Dubailand Townhouses, Town Square Townhouses, Serena Townhouses, and Mudon Townhouses. The prices of the mentioned townhomes vary from AED 1,000,000 – AED 1,800,000. These affordable townhomes for sale offer a cheap and budget-conscious entry into Dubai’s real estate market while still providing comfortable living spaces and the potential for long-term investment growth.

    Investment Advantages

    Dubai’s townhouses blend luxury living with financial prudence in intricate detail. Whether you aspire to reside in opulence or seek a shrewd investment, these properties offer a harmonious solution. Embrace the opportunity to be part of Dubai’s dynamic lifestyle while securing your financial future.

    Invest in Dubai’s townhouses today and embark on a journey that fuses luxury living and investment potential. Make your townhome, not only a place to live but your dream come true. Your path to success in the City of Dreams begins here.

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