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Q1 2026


from 102 m²


from $648 000

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Palm Beach Tower Complex

Discover Exquisite Properties for Sale in Palm Beach Tower Dubai

Palm Beach Tower Dubai is an iconic residential development offering an impressive selection of properties for sale. From elegant studio apartments to lavish penthouses, this prestigious tower has something for everyone. Experience the ultimate beachfront living by exploring the various property types and property prices available in this magnificent project by Real Estate Mayak.

Buy an Apartment in Palm Beach Tower Dubai

Whether you’re looking for a cozy studio apartment or a spacious luxury apartment for sale, Palm Beach Tower has the perfect property to cater to your needs. With their modern design, top-notch amenities, and stunning views, these apartments offer an unparalleled living experience.

  • Studio for Sale: Starting from attractive apartments prices, studios in Palm Beach Tower Dubai are ideal for individuals or young couples seeking a stylish and comfortable living space.
  • Luxury Apartments for Sale: For those in search of more space and opulence, Palm Beach Tower Dubai’s luxury apartments feature multiple bedrooms, high-end finishes, and breathtaking views of the beach.

Penthouses for Sale in Palm Beach Tower

Experience the pinnacle of luxury living with the exquisite penthouses for sale in Palm Beach Tower Dubai. These exceptional properties offer unparalleled views, spacious living areas, and exclusive amenities designed to cater to the most discerning buyers.

Invest in Palm Beach Tower Dubai Real Estate

Palm Beach Tower is an outstanding investment opportunity for those looking to buy a property for sale in one of the city’s most sought-after beachfront locations. With its prime location, world-class amenities, and diverse range of property types, Palm Beach Tower promises a luxurious lifestyle and strong investment returns.

Whether you’re searching for a flat for sale or a penthouse, Palm Beach Tower has it all. Discover the incredible property prices and variety of properties available in this remarkable beachfront development today. Experience the best of Dubai living with a stunning property in Palm Beach Tower Dubai by Real Estate Mayak.

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Sports Hall

Children playground

Barbecue area

24/7 security

Covered parking

Cafes and restaurants

Palm Jumeirah  
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    Palm Beach Towers Dubai: An Exemplar of Luxury Living

    Situated in the central hub of Dubai, Palm Beach Towers redefines opulence through its deluxe condominiums. Every residence, intricately crafted, presents more than just a dwelling but a complete way of life. A fusion of coziness and sophistication, these flats epitomize contemporary living at its zenith.

    Nakheel: Striving for Excellence Through Innovation

    Nakheel, a globally recognized figure in real estate, has forged a reputation for pioneering and forward-looking urban development, reshaping Dubai’s skyline into a dynamic, cosmopolitan metropolis.

    Palm Beach Towers, among its standout ventures, underscores the commitment to architectural distinction and lavish living. Nestled in the sought-after Palm Jumeirah resort enclave, surrounded by upscale hotels and premier dining and shopping establishments, the project boasts a scenic waterfront promenade, rendering it an attractive investment prospect.

    Opting for Palm Beach Towers is prudent for those valuing comfort and seaside recreation. Residents relish the perks of residing in a world-class resort with access to top-notch restaurants, boutiques, and diverse water activities. Nakheel sweetens the deal with a flexible payment scheme, enabling apartment purchases during construction, including cryptocurrency payment options.

    Furthermore, investing in Palm Beach Towers could open avenues for obtaining a UAE resident visa. With investments starting from AED 2,000,000 (USD 545,000), foreign investors qualify for a “Golden Visa” lasting up to 10 years.

    Nakheel’s Palm Beach Towers, melding opulent living and prime positioning, stands as an investment prospect with the potential for substantial returns, positioning it as a stellar choice for real estate ventures in Dubai.

    Apartments: A Showcase of Style

    Dubai’s Palm Beach Towers stand as a symbol of lavishness, presenting a varied selection of flats meticulously crafted to provide investors with a diverse range of choices. Each living space, an embodiment of luxury, affords unparalleled vistas of the city’s iconic skyline.

    • Within Palm Beach Towers 3, a one-bedroom apartment spanning 1073 sqft showcases stunning views and is priced at 3,850,000 AED. Meanwhile, Palm Beach Towers 1 boasts a two-bedroom apartment covering 1689 sqft, with an impressive view and listing at 3,021,795 AED. Additionally, a three-bedroom condo in the same tower, covering 2285 sqft, offers an authentic view at 8,300,000 AED.
    • Palm Beach Towers 2 introduces a one-bedroom apartment spanning 1141 sqft, positioned for 4,250,000 AED, boasting a prime location with high-end finishes. Palm Beach Towers 1 presents a three-bedroom apartment covering 2105 sqft, offering a luxurious lifestyle with a panoramic sea view at 9,242,500 AED for those seeking a grander scope.
    • Further elevating the living experience, Palm Beach Towers 1 unveils a two-bedroom apartment spanning 1418 sqft, listed at 5,292,500 AED, promising a lavish lifestyle on a high floor with a panoramic sea view. On the zenith of opulence, Palm Beach Towers 1 introduces a four-bedroom apartment spanning 3464 sqft, available for 16,350,000 AED, presenting luxury on a high floor with a panoramic sea view.

    These residences transcend living spaces, embodying the fusion of comfort, style, and opulence that Palm Beach Towers epitomize. Each apartment, intricately designed, affords panoramic perspectives of the Persian Gulf and the city’s skyline. With meticulous interiors and world-class amenities, these flats emerge as compelling investment opportunities in Dubai’s real estate landscape.

    Sale: An Opportunity to Own Luxury

    Securing property in Palm Beach Towers is a promising venture with enduring advantages, positioning it as a favorable investment. A noteworthy perk lies in the potential for a lucrative return on investment (ROI), particularly for properties boasting a sea view. The allure of the Palm Beach Towers, accentuated by its esteemed location, contributes to elevated sale values.

    Beyond it, the rental market in Palm Jumeirah, the Towers’ abode, remains robust, driven by perpetual demand from tourists and expatriates drawn to the area’s popularity and premium amenities. This dynamic translates into a reliable rental income stream for property owners, adding another layer to the overall ROI.

    Furthermore, investing in Palm Beach Towers is akin to crafting a blueprint for financial stability. With the average price of a 2-bedroom apartment hovering around 4,627,032 AED, the anticipated annual ROI falls within the range of approximately 5-7% based on prevailing market trends. This not only transforms it into a residence of luxury but also a venture with notable profitability.

    The merits of Palm Beach Towers’ investment transcend the opulence and comfort of residing in one of Dubai’s premier locales. The prospects of substantial sale values, a consistent rental income stream, and a robust ROI converge to validate its standing as a prudent investment choice.

    Palm Beach Towers Dubai epitomizes a realm of luxury living. It unfolds an unparalleled lifestyle boasting exquisite condominiums, an array of amenities, and captivating apartments. Whether eyeing an investment or a dwelling in Dubai, the Towers emerge as an impeccable choice.