Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali

The Beach Collection Villas

Palm Jebel Ali

Price: from $ 4 906 100

Q1-4 2027

Payment plan - 20% / 60% / 20%

The Coral Collection Villas

Palm Jebel Ali

Price: from $ 7 904 300

Q1-4 2027

Payment plan - 20 % / 60 % / 20 %

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    Palm Jebel Ali – is a luxurious project by the developer Nakheel

    Nakheel is a renowned development company situated in the United Arab Emirates, celebrated for its creation of iconic artificial archipelagos within Dubai. The real estate ventures it proffers are veritably exceptional, distinguished by their astonishing infrastructure and awe-inspiring edifices. Does the prospect of such offerings capture your admiration? If so, I beseech you to direct your attention to the illustrious Palm Jebel Ali project.

    The Palm Jebel Ali project has already evolved into an emblem of opulence and grandeur within the realm of construction. Situated along the coastal expanse of Dubai, it boasts a location of unparalleled distinction. I posit that you shall find delight in this proclamation. Allow me to accentuate one of Palm Jebel Ali’s most superlative house attributes, one that verges on the bounds of imagination: its expansive beachfront, stretching an impressive 109 kilometers in length.

    The Palm Jebel Ali epitomizes exclusivity in its purest form. A sprawling 68 miles of pristine coastline awaits your indulgence, yet this is but a mere fraction of the allure! Do not overlook the breathtaking abodes, where prospective Palm Jebel Ali house owners shall be bestowed with an array of leisure options and conveniences.

    Furthermore, prepare to be astounded by:

    Presently, Nakheel affords the opportunity for virtually all interested parties to acquire parcels within Palm Jebel Ali at an attractive price point, which can subsequently be allocated for the construction of diverse structures, encompassing both commercial and residential purposes.

    Palm Jebel Ali House: What is Offered

    Within the precincts of Palm Jebel Ali, there is already an ambitious blueprint in place for the establishment of more than 80 mass consumer-oriented house structures, primarily comprising hotels and various resorts. This strategic initiative is poised to foster the augmentation of the tourism sector and sustain the local influx of passengers, thereby mutually benefiting all stakeholders involved. Furthermore, the initial phase of residential Palm Jebel Ali development is also on the horizon, with the inception of distinctive villas boasting an abundant number of bedrooms, as witnessed in The Beach Collection and The Coral Collection. It is envisaged that each edifice will accommodate anywhere from 5 to 7 bedrooms.

    In these opulent apartments, you will discover not only the essentials for a comfortable existence but also an abundance of luxuries.

    Palm Jebel Ali beckons you with the following amenities:

    Palm Jebel Ali represents an opportunity to experience unparalleled serenity and savor the wonders of nature amidst the backdrop of vibrant green vistas and pristine azure coastlines.

    The current price for real estate in Palm Jebel Ali:

    A limited number of apartments are available for acquisition at the price of 18 million dirhams, which roughly equates to 4.9 million dollars. Moreover, within Palm Jebel Ali, the opportunity extends beyond mere residential purchases, as there are also parcels of land available for construction at exceedingly accessible rates.

    Nakheel extends highly advantageous terms for acquisition, manifesting in an 80/20 payment Palm Jebel Ali house plan. The initial down payment for a residence amounts to a mere 20%. In the course of the project’s development, an additional 60% is to be disbursed, with the remaining 20% due upon receiving the keys. The anticipated completion date for the Palm Jebel Ali project is set for the year 2027.

    In consideration of Dubai’s 2040 urban development plan, the Palm Jebel Ali project further bolsters Dubai’s status as a place where one can lead an exceptionally well-rounded life and invest in real estate. It stands as a superb investment opportunity with promising returns. Properties can be leased, and upon the project’s culmination, they may be divested at a higher valuation than the purchase cost.

    Hence, numerous facets converge to render Palm Jebel Ali an ideal choice for habitation.

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