Real Estate in Dubai: New Eco-Friendly Residences

Today, environmental considerations are crucial worldwide. Given its focus on foreign property buyers, Dubai is also aligning with this trend. The kingdom’s government has long been attracting foreign investments, and this time, they’ve successfully drawn in one of the giants in luxury real estate sustainability development – Eywa, developed by R.evolution, is set to debut in Dubai.

They have consistently excelled in constructing executive residences tailored to modern lifestyles. While Dubai has seen numerous developers offering cutting-edge apartments and entire villas, this developer always brings something new and stands out from the usual competition.

The project will be executed by the executive architect Brewer Smith Brewer Group. If you’re interested in acquiring property firsthand, you must contact Christie’s International Real Estate Dubai, as they hold exclusive rights for implementing these organic projects.

Advantages of the Dubai’s Eywa Project

Firstly, it will be situated along the UAE Water Canal. For those familiar with exclusive real estate, they understand how exclusive this location is within the city. There will be 2-to-5-bedroom residences to suit every taste – whether you live in a spacious five-bedroom building or opt for cozy two-bedroom apartments.

Each property overlooks significant cultural landmarks of the country. For instance, developers promise a great view of the iconic Burj Khalifa. While it may not be classified as a skyscraper, you can expect a 19-story building housing 46 apartments. For aesthetes, two penthouses are also available.

Every apartment features separate front-of-house kitchens, a living room, family rooms, walk-through wardrobes, and elegant exquisite en-suite bathrooms. In most options, there are even service kitchens for staff, creating a touch of Victorian England with interlacing roots if you have any service personnel.

Eywa as a Haven of Well-being

Do you know what sets the Eywa project apart from all the others currently operating in the United Arab Emirates? They follow a specific methodology in constructing each building. They claim to leverage both esoteric and scientific knowledge to enhance motivation solely through shared interior spaces. One might assume they will offer fully furnished Eywa spaces tailored to sustainability.

Notably, they will incorporate unique crystals and precious stones into the building’s structure to elevate the level of positive energy for each apartment owner. Those desiring this will be immensely pleased to receive such a gift in addition to luxurious real estate.

Alex Zagrebelny, the CEO of R.evolution, stated that, even in the initial stages of building construction, they focus on improved concentration. The construction process is designed to be positive, ensuring residents feel enhanced mental and physical health in the long run concept.

Architectural Features of Eywa

The architecture is predominantly crafted from organic elements reminiscent of classical China, such as the Southern Heavenly Pillar and banyan wood. Quartz sandstone is also utilized here.

You’ll find open columns, as if stepping into neoclassicism, seamlessly intertwined within the building’s design. The facade will be adorned with various plants to bring primal elements into the city’s heart. To be specific, you can expect the following architecture features:

  • Energy-Efficient Systems
  • Green Spaces
  • Luxury Furnishing
  • Private Pools and Waterfalls
  • Gemstone Pyramid
  • High-End Gym and Yoga Room
  • Elite Spa and Sauna
  • Open-air and Indoor Cinema.

If you thought this was about a too traditional structure, you need clarification. The executive architects ensure that it will be equipped with the latest technology. Essentially, their idea is clear. They aim to create a traditionally and technologically advanced building, incorporating all the modern conveniences. These residences are planned to be constructed in the first quarter of 2026. At that point, you can experience this concept of innovation through investments.

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A small mistake can leave you without funds and the long-awaited property. The choice of the seller plays a huge role in this matter. So, who should you choose: a developer or a real estate agency?


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