Commercial real estate


Commercial real estate

The sale of commercial properties in Dubai may be of interest to business people who are planning to start a new company or relocate a business. Also, the purchase of commercial real estate can be profitable for investors. Such objects are profitable to rent, in addition, the cost of maintenance is covered by the tenant. The annual return on an office lease can range from 5.5% to 8.5%.

Commercial real estate

Trillionaire Residences

Business Bay

Price: from $ 436 100

Q1 2025

Payment plan - 70% / 30% / 20%

SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences

Downtown Dubai 

Price: from $ 205,000


Payment plan - 100%

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    Commercial Real Estate in Dubai: A Guide to Buying Property

    Amidst Dubai’s vibrant cityscape, the commercial realm presents an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking investment prospects. This guide centers on procuring commercial real estate within this dynamic metropolis. We strive to dissect its commercial domain, emphasizing key elements and the sequential steps entailed in property acquisition.

    Dubai, renowned for its striking skyline and robust economic structure, serves as a global business hub. Its business landscape reflects this diversity, offering an assortment of properties tailored to varied commercial requirements. Whether considering office spaces, retail outlets, or warehouses for sale, understanding market intricacies becomes pivotal for well-informed sale choices.

    Our manual furnishes the insights needed to confidently navigate Dubai’s commercial real estate. We’ll explore the benefits of freehold properties, the crucial role of agencies, and the significance of forming partnerships with the right commercial entities.

    Types of Commercial Properties in Dubai

    The diverse landscape of the commercial real estate Dubai market caters to many business requirements. The city’s beneficial spatial positioning, robust infrastructure, and business-conducive environment make it an attractive option for global investors. Our objective is to scrutinize the range of commercial properties available, examine their appropriateness for different businesses, and probe into the common expenses tied to these investments.


    An array of office spaces is available with variations and dimensions that impact their cost. Aspects such as the business location and dimensions within a Dubai commercial determine the cost. The pricing for an office space measuring 25-35 square meters starts at AED 250,000 (USD 68,100).

    These offices cater to various businesses, from IT companies to consulting firms and financial institutions. The availability of spaces in various sizes ensures that businesses of different scales can find a fitting workspace.

    Coworking Spaces

    The trend of utilizing co-working spaces in Dubai is increasing, especially among startup ventures, freelancers, and business owners. These shared workplaces offer an economical means to establish a professional base in the city. The price range for accessing these spaces falls between AED 10,000 and AED 19,000 annually, providing an agency budget-friendly sale option for small enterprises or independent professionals.

    Retail Spaces

    Are you contemplating an investment in the retail or commercial realm? Procuring shop units or retail spaces might prove lucrative. These spaces hold high demand, with pricing contingent upon size and location. In regions like Jumeirah Lake Towers property, Business Bay, and Downtown, these spaces span between 344 and 9,950 sq. ft., priced from AED 150,000 onwards.


    Dubai is a significant manufacturing center with well-developed industries like metallurgy, mechanical engineering, and cosmetics. These units are available for purchase starting from AED 800,000, making them suitable for manufacturing or heavy industry businesses.


    Dubai’s allure as a high-end tourist hub makes hotel commercial property for sale investments promising. Whether a boutique gem or a lavish five-star retreat, its hospitality sector provides diverse options tailored to varying budgets and tastes.

    Remember, the price spectrum for these commercial properties is vast, contingent upon location, size, and the array of amenities they boast. Hence, exhaustive research and scrutiny are pivotal.

    Return on Investment for Commercial Properties

    Delving into commercial real estate hints at encouraging yields. Its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and hospitable business landscape draw global investors. Nonetheless, the potential return on investment (ROI) fluctuates, influenced by the company’s property type, location, and prevailing market dynamics for sale.

    Average ROI in Dubai Real Estate

    As per findings from Bayut, a prominent platform in the UAE, the typical ROI for residential properties spans 5-7% and 7-9%. Nevertheless, commercial properties can yield even more substantial returns at times.

    For instance, office spaces in desired sites might offer tempting profits. Likewise, commercial retail spaces in bustling zones like Downtown and Marina may also deliver substantial profits.

    ROI from Rental Yields

    Apart from selling a property at an increased price, another commercial avenue for yielding returns from investment involves rental income. Rental returns can be notably profitable, particularly for properties situated in high-demand locations for sale.

    Consider this: Say you buy a commercial property for sale for AED 1,000,000 and lease it for AED 100,000 annually. This results in an annual rental yield of 10%. Over the long term, this consistent rental income can significantly add to your overall ROI.

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