3 Bedroom Apartments for Sale

3 Bedroom Apartments for Sale


Dubai Creek Harbour

Price: from 463 400 $

4Q 2028

Payment plan - 10 % / 80 % / 10 %

One B Tower

Sheikh Zayed Road

Price: from 463 100 $


Payment plan - 40 % / 60 %

Skyscape Avenue

Sobha Hartland II

Price: from 463 400 $

In progress

Payment plan - 20 % / 40 % / 40 %


Umm Suqeim

Price: from 640 600 $

3Q 2027

Payment plan - 20 % / 55 % / 25 %


Dubai Creek Harbour

Price: from 487 900 $

3Q 2028

Payment plan - 10 % / 80 % / 10 %

Mangrove Greek Beach

Dubai Creek Harbour

Price: from 403 400 $

3Q 2026

Payment plan - 10 % / 70 % / 20 %

Ghaf Woods


Price: from 327 100 $

1Q 2027

Payment plan - 60 % / 40 %

Kempinski Marina Residences

Dubai Marina

Price: from 599 000 $

1Q 2028

Payment plan - 10 % / 85 % / 5 %

ELA Residences

Palm Jumeirah

Price: from 400 000 $

1Q 2028

Payment plan - 5 % / 55 % / 40 %

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    Exploring Exceptional 3-Bedroom Apartments for sale in Dubai

    Let’s check out the exciting world in 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai . The city, characterized by its futuristic skyline and vibrant economy, presents a distinctive fusion of luxurious living, and relatively cheap opportunities to buy .

    Prices and Returns

    The diversity of the real estate market is evident in its range of three-bedroom flats for sale , accommodating a variety of budgetary constraints.

    Higher prices are commonly associated with The Palm Jumeirah, reflecting the exclusivity of this iconic location. Conversely, regions like Jumeirah Village Circle or Dubai Sports City present cheaper alternatives for three-bedroom properties without sacrificing quality.

    It’s crucial to note that the real estate market offers attractive rental yields, rendering it a compelling choice for investors on the lookout for lucrative returns.

    Tax Advantages

    The tax-friendly environment in Dubai holds significant appeal for international investors. There are no personal income taxes, capital gains taxes, or property taxes, creating a favorable climate for wealth accumulation. This tax-free haven not only attracts individuals looking for a house to buy but also makes it an attractive offer for those seeking lucrative investment opportunities.

    Pros and Cons of the Market

    One of the key advantages of investing in Dubai’s three-bedroom flats is its resilience. In the face of global economic uncertainties, Dubai has consistently showcased resilience and expansion within its real estate sector. The city’s status as a global investment hub is reinforced by the government’s commitment to infrastructure development and the pursuit of economic diversification.

    However, challenges are inherent in any market, and the real estate sector for three-bedroom properties is no different. Fluctuations in this market can be influenced by global economic conditions. Moreover, an excess supply in specific market segments has the potential to affect both rental yields and property values.

    For prospective buyers eyeing three-bedroom properties, conducting comprehensive research is imperative. Delve into the specific dynamics of your desired area – consider existing and upcoming infrastructure projects, available amenities, and the community features associated with your three-bedroom selection. Collaborating with a trustworthy real estate agent can offer invaluable insights and guidance throughout the entire process.

    Moreover, keeping an eye on three-bedroom property market trends can help you make informed decisions. Events like Expo 2020 are expected to boost tourism and further elevate global standing, potentially influencing the value of the property for sale positively.

    Developers Offer

    Explore some prominent developers and what they offer in their three-bedroom apartments.

    Developers strive to differentiate themselves by offering unique features in their three-bedroom properties.


    To sum up, the real estate market in the UAE unfolds a panorama of possibilities for those seeking to invest in cheap or highly-priced three-bedroom apartments. With a myriad of locales, diverse pricing tiers, tax advantages, and the potential for substantial returns, Dubai emerges as a guiding light for investors seeking a seamless fusion of opulent living and financial prosperity. As the city progresses in its evolution, the opportunities for astute investors stretch as far as the endless desert horizon.

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