Dubai’s population has increased more than 165 times over the past 70 years

According to the Dubai Media Office report, from 1950 to 2020, the population of Dubai increased by 165 times. And from 2020 to 2022 it increased by more than 100,000 people and reached a record number of 3.5 million people.

It is expected that about 5.8 million people are going to live in megapolis by 2040, and about 7.8 million all over the UEA. Due to the General Development Plan, the area of green and recreational areas will be doubled, and the length of beaches will be increased by 40%.

The area of land allocated for hotel complexes and tourist facilities will increase by 134%, and by 25 % territory will be increased for education and healthcare facilities. Another 168 square kilometres are provided for trade and commerce.”

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