The Sanctuary

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Under construction


Q4 2025



from 7,885 sq ft


from $4 628 000

Mayak Real Estate

The Waterside at The Sanctuary

The Waterside at The Sanctuary is the first sector of the residential community of The Sanctuary, which consists of seventeen villas with designer decorations. Its construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025. This is a luxurious, spacious, but at the same time concise and functional accommodation for those who appreciate personal space and proximity to nature. The MBR City district, where the complex is located, stands out for its abundance of greenery. The combination of modern style, parks, and gardens creates a unique atmosphere of unity with nature and organic design.

What are the features of this property?

The area of the villa can vary from 729 to 1,357 sq. m., and it determines the number of bedrooms. If the project includes four or five bedrooms, the building will have three floors, and for villas with six bedrooms, the number of floors will be four levels. Some layout models include an additional room that can be used depending on the owner’s needs, such as setting up an extra bedroom or a playroom for children. The design includes rooms for a maid and a driver, as well as two kitchens: one is a demonstration kitchen equipped with Miele appliances, and the other is a fully equipped operational kitchen with Siemens appliances.

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Sports Hall

Children playground

Barbecue area

24/7 security

Covered parking

Cafes and restaurants

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    Buying Real Estate in Dubai: A Focus on The Sanctuary

    Exploring the realm of real estate in Dubai unveils The Sanctuary by Ellington, a striking symbol of refinement. Situated centrally in the city, this residential gem embodies opulent living at its pinnacle. It stands as a testament to Ellington’s dedication to creating homes that blend grace and practicality seamlessly.

    Each dwelling within this haven emits a peaceful ambiance, reflecting the calm essence of the city’s surroundings. The architectural style, a manifestation of Ellington’s unique vision, melds modern design elements with hints of classical grace, resulting in each residence being a masterpiece of architecture.

    This article explores certain aspects of this region to guide you in acquiring a form of property for future investments that would extend into a long-term atmosphere. Enjoy reading through this piece.

    A Prime Location for Your Dubai Residence

    In a city famed for its bustling expansion and opulent living, the city beckons prospective homeowners with a promising allure. The Sanctuary, firmly established within this lively hub, presents an exclusive fusion of ease and extravagance. Its prime spot ensures convenient reach to pivotal locales, elevating the desirability of these homes.

    Dubai’s steady economic foundation, combined with its flourishing property market, establishes it as a secure ground for real estate ventures. Nestled within this flourishing urban landscape, The Sanctuary pledges an investment prospect of value.

    The Sale of Residence – A Step Towards Luxurious Living

    In a place known for its lavishness and progress, Dubai holds an irresistible charm for those dreaming of luxury living. Its mix of traditions and modernity makes it an attractive spot for settling down. The Sanctuary, snug within this lively city, embodies this lavish lifestyle.

    The city’s prime location as a bridge between East and West Ellington gives potential homeowners a broader perspective. Its top-notch house infrastructure, from airports to ports, ensures easy connections, making homes here even more appealing. The Sanctuary benefits from this, sitting in a spot that’s globally connected, perfect for those seeking a worldly lifestyle.

    The city’s safety measures and diverse community make it perfect for families. The Sanctuary’s designs focus on family life, reflecting the city’s dedication to building a community-driven atmosphere.

    A booming economy, with its thriving Dubai tourism, retail, and property sectors, offers a stable ground for investments. The Sanctuary, rooted in this robust economic setting, presents a promising investment, not just a home but an appreciating asset.

    Lastly, the city’s push for sustainability, seen in its smart city plans, promotes eco-friendly living. The Sanctuary mirrors this push with sustainable Ellington designs, merging luxury with eco-consciousness.

    A Peek into The Sanctuary

    Living in villas in Dubai is all about luxury, ease, and grace. In this bustling city, The Sanctuary is the embodiment of this lavish way of life.

    Presently, a range of properties in this development is up for sale, each boasting a distinct mix of luxury and practicality.

    • There’s a spacious four-bedroom villa up for grabs, sitting close to the iconic Burj Khalifa. It’s a fusion of modern house style and traditional charm, treating you to stunning views of the cityscape. Plus, it’s a skip away from the city Opera, a cultural hotspot hosting top-notch performances.
    • Then, there’s a three-bedroom villa for sale, nestled near the city Creek. It’s all about comfort and functionality, treating you to breathtaking views of the Creek and the cityscape. Plus, it’s a hop away from the Ellington Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, a gateway to the vibrant history.
    • A two-bedroom villa near the Palm Jumeirah. Its contemporary design and lavish interiors offer a peaceful retreat from the city hustle. With the city Aquarium and Underwater Zoo close by, it’s a perfect blend of leisure and culture.
    • Lastly, a five-bedroom condo near the city Marina is available. A symbol of luxury living, it showcases mesmerizing views of the Marina and the Arabian Sea. Its proximity to the Dubai Museum allows easy exploration of the city’s rich heritage.

    You can buy almost any residential property in Dubai, especially in this particular area. There’s no need to buy something bigger if you have this option. Here, you can run your business freely because the local and broader government has supported foreign investments by making various laws.

    You can live peacefully with your family here and actively run a business since the city center is very close. Some foreigners moved here a while ago and are dealing in real estate, which is also a great option. It’s all up to you, but we don’t advise waiting too long to decide, as in a few days, it might be too late.