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Q4 2026



Burj Khalifa District


from 395 sq m


from $8 160 000

Mayak Real Estate


The Vela residential complex is an exclusive building with 30 floors from the popular construction company Omniyat. The residential complex is located in the unique Burj Khalifa District. According to the project, 38 residences will be offered, equipped with all the necessary furniture. The clients are offered: Marina Residences and Sky Residences with 3-4 rooms, and 3 penthouses with 4 rooms each. Special attention should be paid to the Sky Penthouse with three floors, 5 bedrooms, a spacious terrace, a private swimming pool, and a gym with exercise equipment. One floor is a full-fledged residence.

Dorchester Collection, a popular luxury hotel chain in the USA and Europe, is responsible for the management of the residential complex. To date, the company oversees 10 hotels that are located in the largest cities. Qualified Professionals are responsible for creating a unique project, this is the Gilles & Boissier team and Foster + Partners. The latter is known because it was engaged in the creation of the Apple headquarters in California.

All apartments are spacious with a large area, which varies from 395 sq.m. to 2,136 sq.m. An important “feature” is the presence of several kitchen rooms at once, namely the show kitchen and the preparatory kitchen. There is a separate room for staff, a dressing room, a private terrace, and a hall with access to the elevator. In addition, the individual apartments are equipped with L-shaped pools, which is an unexpected solution for an LCD in Dubai. Thanks to panoramic windows, residents have the opportunity to enjoy magnificent views – the unique villas of Marasi Bay, the high-rise skyscraper Burj Khalifa, and the bustling neighborhood of Downtown Dubai.

The gated community of the residential complex also offers:

  • endless infinity pool;
  • three different lobbies – VIP, main, and one on the yacht marina;
  • a lounge area;
  • conference halls;
  • private security;
  • valet service;
  • gym with all kinds of exercise equipment;
  • children’s play area;
  • cinema;
  • SPA, and beauty salon.

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Sports Hall

Children playground

Barbecue area

24/7 security

Covered parking

Cafes and restaurants


Burj Khalifa District

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    Vela Dubai: A New Level of Luxury Living

    Exploring cutting-edge domiciles in Dubai tailored for those eager to elevate their daily existence is an established facet of the city’s character. Not only does one secure optimal habitation at a specific monetary outlay, but the avenue for unhindered vocational pursuits and entrepreneurial ventures is also laid bare. This discourse centers predominantly on residential setups, with keen scrutiny directed towards Vela Residences, a distinguished entity offering propitious living conditions at competitive rates. Familiarizing yourself with this intel is pivotal, considering its imminent recurrence across diverse outlets. Here, a brief encapsulation is proffered sans complication. Commencing our inquiry, the focal point now shifts to the entity crafting these living spaces – Omniyat.

    Vela: Exemplifying Omniyat’s Commitment to Elegance

    Vela Residences, an entity that might not be on your radar, merits a discussion about its whereabouts snugly in Dubai’s core. Presently, this development is nestled within the swiftly burgeoning realm of commerce, aptly labeled the Business Bay district. Omniyat, the architect of this dwelling, has had a watchful gaze affixed to this locale for an extended period, successfully orchestrating opulent living environments, mirroring its triumphs in other ventures. Investing in this locale unravels a trove of amenities at your disposal. Every abode within Vela Dubai has fundamental conveniences – from a swimming enclave and fitness center to many entertainment hubs open for gratuitous utilization.

    Vela Residences: Luxurious Properties for Sale

    Foremost in its objectives, Vela Residences focuses on delivering a sense of exclusiveness. These abodes deviate from the ordinary domiciles scattered ubiquitously across the global expanse. Each edifice within the Vela domain is meticulously crafted, placing a premium on refinement and solace. The basic configuration offers residences with at least three bedrooms featuring expansive dimensions. Moreover, an alternative exists for those inclined towards a four-bedroom dwelling in parallel with the three-bedroom variant. The former boasts a standardized area of around 395 square meters, while the latter, being more capacious, maintains a standardized area of 685 square meters. Delving into the available residences mandates a direct engagement with the vendor, necessitating a personalized exploration of the options.

    What are the distinctive offerings at Vela Residences? Here’s a concise rundown:

    • Immerse yourself in the tailored Vela service, a hallmark of the globally acclaimed Dorchester Collection.
    • As a purchaser, revel in guaranteed access to the spa haven and assorted facilities at The Lanna Hotel, part of the Dorchester Collection.
    • Virtually every abode presents a sweeping, awe-inspiring vista of downtown Dubai.

    For some, investing in Vela real estate hinges precisely on this spellbinding cityscape, capturing the allure of Dubai. Picture awakening to these scenes daily. Essentially, you partake in these delights routinely, unhindered.

    Vela: A Prime Investment Opportunity by Omniyat

    Whether or not Dubai or the United Arab Emirates beckon you for habitation, there lies an enticing prospect for acquisition and enduring fiscal gains. By perusing Vela’s disclosed data and pricing trends, foresight into sustained annual escalation becomes attainable. Nonetheless, Vela Residences extends a cache of real estate excellence, ensconced strategically in Dubai’s prime sectors for sale.

    Omniyat’s developmental ventures must be better positioned, facilitating unproblematic property procurement for international stakeholders and steering clear of impediments or bureaucratic quagmires. Regarding specific costs, the entry point is 30,000,000 dirhams for a three-bedroom Vela abode. For those inclined towards a four-bedroom dwelling, a straightforward doubling of the financial outlay transpires, mirroring the twofold augmentation in Vela property dimensions.

    Foresight unveils the potential for future rental endeavors, promising commendable returns. While the investor cohort may exhibit a propensity for studio units, it merits emphasis that three-bedroom Vela alternatives also command lucrative leasing opportunities, mainly catering to sojourners temporarily aligning with Dubai alongside their familial entourage.

    Your Perfect Opportunity Has Arrived – Don’t Wait, Act Now

    Consider Vela Dubai real estate from Omniyat. The Vela company consistently offers these opportunities without any hassle. The same Vela company can assist you with any necessary advisory questions. This is an excellent chance to live and work in a business-oriented atmosphere. By the way, if you don’t want to rent out property management, you can also seamlessly run a business.