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Q2 2025


from 2,230 sq.m.


from $16,335,300

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Discover the Ultimate Luxury Experience at ZUHA Island Resort Complex on World Islands

Welcome to the exclusive ZUHA Island Resort Complex – an extraordinary, world-class development nestled on the stunning World Islands of Dubai. Designed for those who value privacy, comfort, and elegance, this prestigious project is brought to life by ZAYA and FIVE Holdings. Experience the pinnacle of luxury living at the Resort Complex ZUHA Island in Dubai, where you can buy an apartment that suits your every desire.

A Private Island Paradise

Located just 15 minutes away from the mainland, ZUHA Island Resort Complex offers residents an unparalleled level of privacy and serenity. The unique project consists of:

  1. 30 coastal royal villas – Each of these exquisite 6-bedroom villas boasts a 4-level design, with spacious plots ranging from 2,230 to 3,809 sq.m. and a total building area of 1,826 sq.m.
  2. A boutique resort with 80 waterfront apartments – Enjoy the ultimate resort-style living experience in these beautifully designed, luxurious apartments.

Unmatched Elegance and Sophistication

Each residence at ZUHA Island Resort Complex is meticulously crafted with the finest materials and finishes, offering residents a truly opulent lifestyle:

  • Marble and travertine accents, exuding a sense of grandeur and sophistication.
  • Panoramic elevators, allowing for breathtaking views of the surrounding islands.
  • Multiple terraces, ideal for entertaining and soaking in the stunning scenery.
  • Servants’ quarters, ensuring the utmost convenience for residents and their guests.

Choose from an Array of Luxury Properties

With a wide range of luxury apartments for sale, penthouses for sale, and flat for sale options available at the ZUHA Island Resort Complex, you can find the perfect home to suit your needs and preferences:

  1. Studio apartment – A cozy, yet luxurious space ideal for singles or couples seeking a private retreat.
  2. Spacious apartments – Expansive, well-designed residences perfect for families or those who love to entertain.

Experience the Unrivaled Luxury of ZUHA Island Resort Complex

With competitive apartments price options and an unmatched level of luxury, the ZUHA Island presents an incredible opportunity for those seeking to invest in their dream home on the World Islands of Dubai. Explore the range of available properties, and begin your journey towards an unparalleled living experience at the ZUHA Island Resort Complex.


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Sports Hall

Children playground

Barbecue area

24/7 security

Covered parking

Cafes and restaurants

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    Understanding Dubai's Real Estate Landscape

    Before diving into a property purchase in Zuha Island, grasping the local real estate scene and its governing regulations is a crucial initial step. The real estate market ranks among the world’s most appealing and lucrative, showcasing luxurious properties and promising investment yields. However, this domain operates under an intricate set of laws, varying across the seven Emirates of the UAE.

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE), formed in 1971, comprises seven Emirates with Zuha Island Dubai. Each Emirate holds its own laws that complement the federal regulations. At the same time, UAE federal laws apply to most free zones. These zones possess independent legal systems and Zaya real estate regulations specific to the villas domains.

    The Legal Framework for Real Estate

    When diving into the real estate market, there’s a maze of laws and rules to navigate, such as:

    • The UAE’s Civil Transactions Code governs the rights and duties related to property transactions.
    • The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) establishes guidelines overseeing the Zuha Island Dubai real estate market.
    • The Strata Law pertains to multi-unit property developments, setting regulations for property division and communal spaces in Zaya residential complexes.
    • The Three Broker Law limits property sellers to enlist their properties with a maximum of three brokers.
    • Brokerage Law mandates all brokers operating to undergo certified agent training at the Real Estate Institute and pass a Zuha Island RERA exam.
    • The Developers Law necessitates real estate developers to acquire a license from the authority.

    Zuha Island: A Hidden Gem

    Considering the prospect to buy, Zuha Island emerges as an intriguing choice. While information on this particular spot remains limited in the available sources, conducting comprehensive research on the property, its location, and nearby amenities holds crucial importance before finalizing any purchase.

    The Villa Investment

    Foreign investors favor the real estate scene, drawn in by its economic resilience, welcoming policies, opulent lifestyle, global business prospects, and modern infrastructure.

    The United Arab Emirates economy, backed by ample oil reserves and diverse investments, forms a robust foundation for Zuha Island endeavors. The administration actively nurtures a favorable environment for investors, showcasing extended visas for real estate regulations. These villas open avenues for international investors to own properties in specific zones.

    Dubai’s renown as a global business and financial hub attracts a constant influx of professionals and corporations, boosting the demand for both Zuha Island residential and commercial properties. The vibrant tourism industry, hospitable stance toward expatriates, high living standards, and cultural diversity amplify Dubai’s allure for living and investing.

    Additionally, the country’s dedication to safety and modern infrastructure, including cutting-edge healthcare and educational facilities, heightens its appeal to potential real estate purchasers.

    Prime Location and Accessibility

    At the crossroads of East and West, Dubai stands as a crucial junction for global investors and businesses. Take, for example, the Palm Jumeirah, an extraordinary man-made island. Wealthy individuals flock here for the chance to rent or buy exclusive beachfront villas.

    Similarly, the Marina, renowned for its breathtaking Zuha Island city views and lively atmosphere, also ranks high among preferred spots for villa purchases.

    Business Opportunities

    In Dubai, the existence of specialized zones such as the International Financial Centre (DIFC) and Jebel Ali Free Zone brings manifold advantages to entrepreneurs.

    These perks encompass full foreign Zuha Island ownership rights, no corporate taxes, and top-tier infrastructure. Moreover, Dubai’s pivotal villas geographic position draws.

    Investor-Friendly Tax System

    For investors, the lack of personal income and corporate taxes across most sectors, aside from oil firms and foreign banks, serves as a considerable villas attraction for sale. This tax-exempt setup enables investors to reap substantial returns on their property ventures.

    Investing in a Property

    The opulent resorts stand as an enticing investment opportunity. The properties often come bundled with a variety of Zuha Island facilities, appealing to both tourists and locals.

    When eyeing a property, evaluating its location, facility quality, and potential for rental income or value appreciation holds the utmost importance.

    The Process of Acquiring Real Estate

    Once you’ve made the call to invest in Zuha Island real estate, here’s what comes next:

    • Create the Contract: Chat with the seller and put together a contract that lays out the price, payment methods, and all the necessary details.
    • Secure a No Objection Certificate (NOC): Have a brief villas discussion with the developer to obtain the NOC and wrap up the ownership shift for sale.
    • Finalize the Ownership Transfer: Head over to the Land Department armed with your original passport, all the documents, and the NOC to complete the transfer.
    • Settle the Transfer Fees: There’s a 4% transfer fee based on the property’s value, a 0.25% mortgage registration fee for financed properties, and a small fixed fee for the title deed.
    • Claim the Title Deed: Once the fees are settled, you’ll receive the title villas deed, officially marking you as the new Zuha Island property owner on paper.

    Zaya: A Promising Real Estate Developer

    Giving thought to the developer’s standing and past achievements holds weight. Take Zaya, for instance – a seasoned developer famed for their opulent and pioneering projects. Their properties often showcase distinctive Zuha Island designs, top-notch construction, and sought-after locations, rendering them a favored option.